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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Crave - Monica  Murphy Well, it was okay. As I'm typing this, I'm doing my best to think of words that could best describe me while reading this - well first, I was excited then curios, irritated, irritated, a down swooned moment then flat line until the end.

It started good for me. I was honestly excited for this one since Monica Murphy is one of my most awaited and favorite author so grabbing this next new series' of hers was a definite excitement for me. Another thing that gets me excited about it is the plot that revolved around 'my-best friend's-sister' kind of drift. Next to 'friends turn into lovers' and I have a weird a thing for stories that goes along the line of that, so you really cant blame me if I get all excited right? So that feeling went on until I came to the point where it feels like I’ve read the same entire thing or banter on the other contemporary books with the same storyline, but I was still hanging on that maybe something new would still come out – but no nada. It was too predictable for my taste and I can’t help but feel like the story was a complete flat land with no bumps - high or low. Simply a flat deserted place.

Ivy and Archer are okay characters but unfortunately I can't find this connection with them. Their stubbornness and epic miscommunications that goes back and forth was tiring and just too much. But one thing I know for sure is that these two have an undeniable chemistry – chemistry that you would really feel sizzling as a reader.

Crave has this spark that most readers look for and their is definitely fire what with the characters sizzling chemistry but it lacks the fireworks that I was expecting when the end came – also like I was left midair without a parachute flopping down the land face front. Well, at least the ending was happy(which is already given from the start). The chemistry got me but the characters' individual personalities and the whole story didn't quite make it up to me.
Here Without You - Tammara Webber He-he-he *insert evil smirk*

Confession Time: I kind of cheated on reading this one. I've only read until the fourth chapter and save myself from further complication and jumped into the last chapter and its epilogue. Cheating right?

Well, I have my reason/s. Firstly, the blurb already screamed complication with Dori, Reid and Brooke (and her child with Reid) and I guess I just wanted to save myself from further complication coz I know by the end the people whom I know will be together will eventually be together. Another thing, I don't like the disconnectedness I felt with Reid and Dori as I started reading it – as much as I love reading their story on the third book I don’t know why I feel so disconnected with them here, maybe because they’ve outgrown me or something. I don’t really know.

The first few chapters unfortunately didn’t hook me and I feel so repulsive especially reading that Brooke was on the greater picture of the story – I don’t really mean to easily judge her here since I didn’t really know the whole picture of the story but can you blame me for not liking her? And I really don't have anything against her child with Reid.

The story started on a heavy complicated side for me and I guess I can't seem to get the wits to read all thru it and put myself thru all the complications, self-doubts and miscommunications that I know will come on their ways.

But, regardless of me not reading everything in between of this book. I like the ending. I think it was suitable for the main struggle of the story. I was just left wondering... what happened to Brooke and why is their child left to Reid... I guess I have to read it all in order to find out right?! Plus, seeing Reid as a father was so cute!!

Well, I have no rating for this one since I haven’t read it all. But I do appreciate the happy endings for the characters of this story. It was quite an adventure!
Search Me - Katie Ashley This is what creativity looks like!

I have read The Proposal by Katie Ashley and that certain series definitely brings out the romantic flair of the author but after some recommendations from GR Friends and continuously seeing this new piece of her – Search Me – I finally dived into a world where I was oh so happy to say that is definitely another hit from her. So what makes it a hit? Well, the frontline for this review is the main reason for that – the story is full of creativity in it. Creativity in a sense that the author doesn’t focus on the same plot line that she uses for her other stories instead she dived into a bit unknown where the readers where left on the edge of their seats.

Second-shot at romance with the undeniable tension between Lane and Maddox.
Old Cherokee treasure map.
Villains that will do anything and everything just to get their hands on gold.

Isn’t that creative and intriguing enough for you? The story was well crafted and put together and everything flows smoothly. There are a lot of twists and turns, action, danger, running and some life threatening scenes but every bump and turn is pretty much unpredictable and that is an epic pro for me.

It’s easy to like Lane – even tough she thinks she‘s a privileged spoiled only child she’s far from that. She’s down to earth and pretty much easy going. Her snarky, feisty and sarcastic sides are the best. Reading this story on her perspective is really great coz she do have a lot of insights about things.

Maddox, Oh! Maddox! You guys know I have a huge thing for soldiers/army/navy/military guys (whatever their difference might me) so its really no surprise that Maddox would definitely be up on my list. He’s a scarred guy who’s lost after years of being transferred from foster home to foster home. But his interactions with Lane as a child and even at the present time – I adore him. He’s a genuine guy that doesn’t want anything other than the best for the girl he definitely loves.

"If you had told me forty-eight hours ago, that I, Lane Montgomery--college student, part-time ballerina, sheltered and spoiled only child--would be running for my life from deranged treasure seekers with the very guy who broke my heart...I would have laughed in your face."

Sine their younger years until their young adulthood, Lane and Maddox has the love and hate kind of relationship and it wasn’t ruined until a night happened and changed everything between them. These two has the type of relationship that I look forward to – the type where the couple has a history and doesn’t base their relationship in instant attraction or such. They have a certain rapport that is witty, sarcastic yet laced with undeniable and great tension.

However, the story doesn’t solely focus on the budding relationship between our two characters because the greater part of the story was spent on the action/suspenseful parts. It was exhilarating to read characters under this kind of adventure. I like the anticipation that this brought to me - the anticipation as to what makes Lane hate Maddox so much; anticipation if the treasure and myth that they’re following is true or if they will resolve everything and things will get settled. It definitely leaves me on the edge of my seat. I was tensed, anticipating and surprised as to where this is all are going.

This is a great addition to the authors treasure novels. I enjoyed every bit of it!
Unteachable - Leah Raeder
You can call it love, or you can call it free fall. They’re pretty much the same.

I really don’t know but I just have this certain need to put up that line as a front liner for my review of this book. I guess something about it tickles my hopeless romantic heart or it greatly reminds me of one of John Mayer’s classic song Free Fallin’ any of those reasons might be inconsequential but let me tell you that that very same line is a huge deal to this story.

I would not try to sell to you guys the blurb of the story since what is written on its Goodreads page is what is it and I don’t think my description would give enough justice as to how engaging and captivating this book has been for me. From the character, over-all story, movie sidelines, I think everything works out well for me.

The story’s subject is taboo and reeks of wrongness and forbiddances. But please, don’t let that stop you from reading this. Honestly, I’m not much a fan of such subject since most of the time it leaves me so conflicted; I’m also not a huge fan of stories with characters having huge age gaps. But guess what again? It all comes crashing back at me since these hesitations definitely turn into pros! The taboo subject lures me in that I even forgot at some point what the taboo thing about this story is and I even forgot the age gap as the story progress.

The taboo and age gap thing was easily removed from my mind due to the characters ways in the story. Yes, they know what they have was forbidden and the age gap will always be there but they act as if none of that matters. They simply melt into each other making me forget those hesitations about the said subjects.

I like Maise. I like her straightforward, no-nonsense, screw-up then moves on attitude. She’s the kind of character who learns from trial and error what with her alcoholic mother and absent father, she’s left to fend for herself. This is not the first time I encounter a character like her but she carries this certain uniqueness that makes her different from the other spunky girl characters I encountered; yes she seems to be full of her self but that’s what makes her different – she doesn’t let her insecurities and hang ups eat her up. She has her own issues and demons yet she owned it up.

Evan’s character is the tough act or part of the story. We didn’t get his whole story all at once making me hesitant to really trust him but one thing I’m certain is that he’s the kind of teacher that a lot of students would really have a crush on – he definitely has the looks and the brains. I’m amaze with his maturity yet how vulnerable and young he acted at times.

I admit, both Evan and Maise jumped into this relationship immediately but can we blame them? When all the attraction was there? I just appreciate the fact that they both wanted this. They both dive into this relationship knowing wide eyed the repercussions that may come. The minor characters Wesley and his mom Siobhan are definitely great additions to the whole story.

The story also touches the side of movies and movie making. The story was filled with movie references, making it, filming and different techniques. I’m honestly a movie buff so this added sideline to the story has been a huge plus for me. Every character on the book bonds with Movies – Masie wants to make movies like her friend Wesley while Evan teaches about film and acting and stuffs alike. And that mini-movie or video or whatever you want to call it that Maise made, well I wanted to see it and see if the written description of it would suffice the real deal. I hope someone would make it into a real one. It would probably be a hit for me.

The author’s way of writing was very much suitable for Maise as a speaker. The paragraphs of prose that embodied that story were so soothing to read. It was enticing and engaging and captivating and addicting. The mixed up elements of angst, genuineness and the mentioned poetic tone of the story was enough to keep me on reading this in one sitting,

As much as I love this book, my tiny qualm about this is that a lot of things happened all at once. A lot of back stories arise but unfortunately didn’t take up the much needed attention and action that I’m anticipating. The main line of the story I guess was the taboo part of Maise and Evan, Maise’s struggles with her mom and Wesley but the added situation with Gary and Hiyam seems to be out of place and wasn’t given enough place on the story. Although it seemed to take a huge part of the story, as a reader my attention wasn’t much invested into it because my attention was invested to the situations that I don’t know was headed or the one where Maise doesn’t have any control over like the front liner I’ve mentioned but with the last two I know that with Maise’s attitude she would find a solution to it.

Unteachable is a very strong book that would surely keep you up until you finished it. Don’t let the taboo subject stop you from reading this because there is really so much more from this book. It was quite a roller coaster ride and the author definitely made me sweat before I read the ending but it was all so worth it – an epilogue might be handy Ms.Raeder. ;)

*Copy kindly provided for review*
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No Reverse - Marion Croslydon
When the love of you life betrayed you and just showed up after six years of no communication. How would you feel?

I started this with the thing in mind that this might be another case of ‘High-school Sweethearts meeting again Syndrome’ – Yes, it’s a bit of that but so much more. I mean, it’s so much more than meeting once again after six long years.

I find myself so surprised as to how wholeheartedly the characters and the story captured me. This will be a weird thing to say but I really like how this book is not about happiness all at once. We see the character’s struggles, loss, betrayals, heartbreaks and devastations – all hard feelings are there making their happily ever after more worth it. I love the story’s progression wherein at once when it feels like everything is good a sudden turn would happen. I like its unpredictability. Every moment feels so raw and painful yet I keep seeing a ray of hope and rainbows at the end.

Look for the word Selfless and Cassie’s name would surely be there. She’s as selfless as you can ever imagine – how could someone be as selfless as her, I don’t know! I really like her genuiness and selflessness but at some point I wanted to slap her real hard because she let people walk all over her and make decisions for her – she could’ve stand up for herself!! But as you read it, you would definitely see how she grew up a as a character who makes her own decisions stands by it but still as selfless as ever.

As for Josh, I don’t really know I kind of love him and hate him. I really didn’t get a good vibe from him yet I know his character is the good one. He’s struggling yes and that is as evident as you read through the story itself.

The set of characters are good. Each of them has their own characteristics that make them stand on their own. I even find myself liking Eleanor because honestly, the author did a great job of projecting to us readers where her character is really coming from.

Six years has been a really long gap between Josh and Cassie add up to these are the certain circumstances they faced during those times. But blinded by hatred and guilt the right choice seems to blur right before their eyes and I really can’t blame them for that. Well, at least they find reconciliation after all.

My only qualm about this is the fact that every couple on this seems to be filing divorce – Eleanor’s parents and even Josh’s parents. I’m just wondering what the author’s intent is for that subject.

In all, it was a great story. I’m grabbed by it and would definitely look forward to its continuation. ;)

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher It's been a couple of days since I've read this and now as I sit here and write a review why do I feel sad all over again? Why do I remember those paint made from rocks and it makes me want to ugly cry again? Sigh.

I've read plenty of stellar reviews about this book, but since I'm really not a fan of kidnapping stories or such I prolong reading it and store it on my TBR pile for quite sometime now, but for some uncertain reason this book just keeps appearing on me - on bookstores and sites and blogs I visit so I finally gave in and dive into this world of the captor and its victim and once I dove into their story, I honestly cant go back. That chilling first sentence was enough to keep me from continuing reading it.

The story was taken in a form of letter Gemma wrote for Ty – her captor. She wrote things from the day of their first meeting leading to the strange and disturbing months she stayed with him at the Australian outback. Gemma’s voice to the story was totally gripping; she’s believable and from the get-go she got me. Her voice has the ability to take reader like me into the same adventure that she’s been through.

Ty is one of those characters that tatted up its mark on me. He really did a great number on me especially with those paints made from rocks. I know it's a pretty silly thing, but something about that thing breaks my heart. As I’ve said, I never in my life thought I would shed a tear over paints made from rocks – those paints are definitely killer tear jerker. Anyway, Ty is definitely the wrong side here and there is definitely no doubt about that but can you really blame Gemma for being conflicted with him when at some time the guy who kidnapped her show things that makes him so human and vulnerable? Most of the times, I wanted to grab that guy and gave him a hug and cover him up from all the evils that are lurking. His run-on words and dialogues with Gemma sometimes makes me cry for no apparent reason, he just seem to reach something in me that makes my tear ducts shed tears. He’s not bad or crazy. He has dreams and aspirations. I just think he’s just lost – so lost.

I’m aware of what Stockholm Syndrome is and as I’m reading this I know Gemma might not be the only one under this, I thinking I also might be under this syndrome. Would it be possible even I’m not the one who was kidnapped? I can’t explain it but there is this huge amount of empathy I feel for Ty and I know and I’ve stated that what he did was wrong but he’s not bad and I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m feeling Gemma’s conflictions with Ty – she’s compelled with his sadness, vulnerability, love for the land and his artistic side just like what also happened to me. (I told you guys, Ty definitely did a number on me)

Gemma and Ty has limited verbal communication throughout the story and it just proves me more that actions to speak louder than words. Because we’ve all seen that their lack of words for each other, their simple actions shows a lot of things.

The setting of the story is one of the highlights of it. With Gemma's great voice and the author's way of words, the Australian outback setting gives me the real deal. The place was creepily beautiful - with its vastness of sand and sand and sands. It plays an important part of this book even though it’s just a setting – a setting that is definitely alive.

The story development was awesome. Everything flows smoothly. I definitely lose myself as I read it. The writing was simple yet beautifully done. I don’t know how she does it but the author definitely gives me the feels of everything. The story utterly grabbed my heart. It was intense and powerful, it was honestly a simple book yet the author did an amazing job in broadening it. There are a lot of ways that this story could turn into but one thing I know for sure is that no matter what road this story would take I would still shed a tear or two. And as illogical as it may seem, I'm hoping for a happy ending for this two characters. This book left me exhausted, restless, overwhelmed, and even in emotional overload.

It's a very haunting story that would surely stay with me forever. This is just sad and I finished it with tears in my eyes. Is it too weird to want for a sequel of this book? There are question in my mind that I can’t seem to put into words but I know they’re questions and I wanted answers or better yet the author could give us this very same story told thru our captor’s perspective. ;)
Rock Her - Rachel Cross I know I’m not the only one who’s under the dilemma of never knowing what to write about a certain book. It's not that I don’t like it; it’s just that I don’t love it either and that makes it harder coz I can't seem to place my thoughts for this one. So, I'll just try to take it step by step…

When Kate saves a young surfer who goes underneath the water with the help of another savior Alec, she never thought that her life would spin off drastically after that.
Alec Sawyer was The Alec Sawyer - famous guitarist from a retired band; alcoholic turned workaholic.
When the news spins around that they become a hero for a day, words travel fast that they’re also a couple - thus start a relationship from friends, lust and duh love.

People may have loved that same plot flow I have given you above but I guess I have read my fair share of contemporary romance making this like an ordinary one. There is so much more from this story and I really do appreciate the author’s way of wovening the lives of this two strangers but my search to find something new and banging came up a bit empty.

Character wise, I really like Kate – selfless, strong and very accepting; She's forced to grow up fast what with her mom dying leaving her to fend for her and her younger sister. As for Alec, well I was skeptical about him - he's older and wiser yet he's the one who seem to be acting like a child with all his dramatics and test to Kate.

The insta-love and the fight that leads to their semi-separation was honestly eye-roll inducing but fortunately I feel this certain genuineness between them that I know at some point, if well developed their insta-love would work.

Well, in all it was an okay read for me. Contemporary lover? Yep, you could pick this one up.
Promise Me - Barbie Bohrman Have you guys heard the song Dancin' Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum? Two people who're High school sweetheart or such, each went on their separate ways for college and reunited once again. It was a really good song and honestly one of my favorites so when I started reading this that song is the first thing that comes to my mind - it feels like it was made for Tyler and Sabrina.

When her heart shattered with her boyfriend and best friend’s betrayal the person she least expected to be nice and console her swoop in like a hurricane and took care of her…

Promise Me is not a story about insta-love. It's also not about friends-turn-to-lovers kind of thing. It's like one of those spur of the moments kind of things that happened - it just simply happened. But it's not a smooth path; it’s full of rocks and pebbles along the way.

Sigh. I love stories with history between the characters. I don’t know. Sometimes it just that their relationship seems to be more justified making it more believable for my taste. And on this case, I was not only given characters that have history with each other but also a high level of anticipation for their upcoming reunion.

The reunion is like the start of this whole story – I’m anticipating a lot of things to happen during that said event and I was really not disappointed especially with Sabrina’s meeting with her former boyfriend and best friend who are now not-so-happily married and of course that funny meeting again with Tyler. Oh and of course that dancing part where *cue in Dancing Away with My Heart* seems to be playing on the background as I read that scene. ;)

This story has asset of characters that was pretty awesome – we have the heroine, the savior, the cheater/asshole, the bitch, the other bitch, the best friend, t he boss and the endearing parents. I know this is not the first book that gives us this same line up of characters but the author did great things with how they’re all developed.

Sabrina is not a perfect character but the way she was developed was great – she’s weak and strong at the same time, unsure at times but knows how to stand up with her decisions. That horrible night years ago did a great number on her and even after ten years have passed she really has not opened up to anyone to have a relationship again and her trust issues and anger from the past still stays up with her keeping her from finding her happiness. Her life is good but it’s not complete.

Tyler was the guy who belong to the other side of the social ladder of Sabrina when they’re in High school so its pretty much surprising to see that he's the one who came up to her rescue during that horrible night. I'm hesitant with Tyler because for one I get the vibe that he would do something that could fuck up his relationship with Sabrina. It’ just that I know that no matter how good and genuine and charming he is theirs is still impending shoe that is about to drop.

When Sabrina and Tyler were reunited, they once again face another trial - Long Distance relationship. I knew that this would be pretty hard for the both of them. With Sabrina's trust issues that would not miraculously go away and Tyler's past demons and insecurities. And I knew it! The shoe dropping I mentioned? It happened and I’m actually pissed of with it. It was an uncalled turn of event and the way it was handled left me really hesitant…

Well, Tyler admitted that he hook-up with that bitch Ava – for some horrible reason. Yes, Sabrina didn’t forgive him but when he came back it seems like they didn’t even talked about it once again. He asked for Sabrina’s forgiveness of course but it I need more justification that it was really a closed-off issue not like hanging in the one.I need more closure with that issue.

It was a good story. It was not perfect but I like the way things work out (except of course for that little qualm I mentioned above). :)
Near and Far - Nicole  Williams I love you, Jesse Walker.

I never thought my fascination with this guy would increase more after reading Lost & Found. In here, we see the dark side, true blue romantic and even the gooey putty side of Jesse Walker and I couldn’t not love him more!

If the first book was about finding love between Jesse and Rowen, Near and Far is about them trying to work things out with their relationship. Rowen is starting college in Seattle while Jesse stayed with his parents in Montana. It's quite a distance, but with them holding on and compromising and sacrificing they would try to handle it and deal with it.

If you look up the words Compromise and Sacrifice, the names of Jesse and Rowen should be put beside it. With all the distance thing, the way they compromise and sacrifice for each other was great. It was a tough act having a long distance relationship - a lot could definitely happen but they both make it happen, hold on and trust with each other.

The surprising thing about here is the fact that our guy - Jesse Walker is the one struggling on this story. He's struggling with his self worth. He thinks he's unworthy of love and didn’t want to drag up Rowen to his dark and shady past. When his story was revealed and he broke down, Damn! I also broke down. It was beautifully tragic and definitely makes me love Jesse more. On the other hand, this very situation with Jesse also makes me appreciate Rowen's character growth. After what she's been through - as to what happen in Lost and Found, it’s really good to see her this time the one who is comforting and fighting for Jesse.

With the long distance relationship, admirers are for sure lining for Rowen and Jesse, but fortunately neither of them seemed to make a great deal out of it and honestly it really made me feel happy that the main complication didn’t come from a third party. This part just proved how both of them truly valued their relationship.

They saw each other at their worst, they’ve seen their relationship at its worst and there is definitely no other way for them than to live their happy ever after.

It was indeed a smile-inducing story and its relay worth reading. Now, the third book is about to come and it will be about our resident bad-boy Garth Black - me excited? Definitely!

Forever Altered

Forever Altered - D.J. Pierson There are cheesy and corny stuffs and there are cheesy and corny stuffs. You guys get my drift? I love cheesy and corny and cliché and romantic on a gradual dose but if it was given on a huge amount sometimes it will not work well.

The story started good for me, I’m going through it smoothly but as I reached maybe 45% of it, the too much sweetness that makes my teeth ache gets into me. There is definitely nothing wrong with Forever Altered, in fact it was a cute romance novel but there’s just something about it that kinda rubs me off.

Alyssa and Rocco's group of friends mingling with each other is a good part of the story. It's enjoying to see the camaraderie that this group has.

Hmm. I also find a bit of tiny loopholes through the story such as the mentioned former boyfriend of Alyssa with no name before Jeff who was abusive. Also, the importance of Alyssa's aunt and uncle wasn’t justified. We haven’t even seen a scene with them or what great impact they did life for Alyssa.

I think these added story lines would’ve been a great addition to the story if it was fully explored. These were added branches t the story that instead of bearing fruit it was cut off leaving us with nothing. I think except for her cheating ex-boyfriend Jeff, these additional stories seem pointless due to lack of further exploration.

The story has a great potential, a little bit of ticking would surely makes this extraordinary. As much as I love sweet and cliché stuffs, this just didn’t work well for me.
Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield I was hesitant to read this book. For one, I'm never really into stories with characters having an amount of age gap, it feels so dramatic and maybe the high ratings would not live up to what I was expecting. Well, guess what, I'm happy to say that my hesitations turned as definite pros into reading Jane's Melody.

Who would have guessed that a silver dollar minted in 1973 could intertwine the lives of people?

Love, alcoholism, loss and moving on - Jane's Melody gives us a definite gut-wrenching and deep and touching story. The premise was all original and I never really know where the story would take me which is really awesome, I think!

A mother losses her daughter. Meeting a guy whom she felt like the last link to the daughter she had lost long before she died seems to be her new hope. He gives her a new reason to continue living, helped her move on and lives again.
For once.

Jane lost too much - she's broken and drowning in emotional pain. From the get go, we all get to see the darkest of the darkest of her. I honestly felt the pain and grief. Yes, she made stupid decisions through the middle of the story but overall she’s a very likeable character with no qualms about anything - she's as simple as you can get. By the end of all, it was really good to see her transform into this new person who is stronger and more alive. As much as it’s painful to say, it seems like she had to lose a lot of things before she really find her own self.

Caleb is the slow-paced type of character. His character offers a great mysterious effect to the story linking him with Jane's dead daughter. I was hesitant with him at first, well with Jane’s vulnerability and too much kindness I fear that he would take advantage of her and simply leave her but he proved me so wrongly about it. What started as rubbing me off as a not so good impression of him, he slowly crept up to me until he reached that comfortable feel with me. He proved that he's as genuine and great as he is from the start. His sweetness and ability to know the right thing to say or do at the right time is a great addition too.

The depths of the pain of the characters are pretty evident throughout the story. I find myself flinching to every thing that happened and revealed. It was really bitter-sweet story.

My hesitation in reading this because of the age-gap definitely leaves my mind as I read it coz honestly most of the time I forgot that Jane and Caleb are not on the same age team. Jane wasn’t the type of girl who was trying to act up younger to fit in with Caleb and Caleb on the other hand, I think was just a great fit for her with all the maturity he carried with him. Both of them we're aware of the age gap but me I forgot it most of the time. Their relationship was greatly built that the age thing could be easily forgotten.

The setting for the story is also very suitable. I love the exclusivity of the island where Jane lives. Maybe I'll visit that too. (Now, I have a long list of places to visit when I landed myself in the United States soon. ;) )

Oh and before I forgot, If I never did saw that picture of the author on the page of the book I never would’ve thought this was written by a guy. Honestly, I never know it was written buy a guy until I reached the last page and saw his picture. But honestly, he did a great job in conveying a grieving woman’s perspective, his ideas were awesome and he definitely wowed. I will be looking forward to his next works.

Jane's Melody flowed smoothly. I enjoyed every bitter sweet page of it. It made me laugh, smile feel loved and cry a tiny bit. Yes, there is drama but it all worked great for me and it really did reached what I was expecting!
Escaping Me - Elizabeth   Lee She is the proverbial moth to his flame.

Whitney Vandaveer plans to start anew with her mother and her sister - no more letting people dictate what she would be and what she would do with her life.

Cole Pritchett doesn’t plan to start anew until his overbearing brother reached his boiling point and throw him away to a place where he would have to work – literally and also work his anger management issues.

They we're both escaping their old selves and maybe together they could find who their true selves are.


Escaping me is one of those New Adult contemporaries that is  so much easier and enjoying to read. I say it was easier for the better lack of too angst, depression and complication. Though the story passed by the issues of cheating and dictating of ones life and a little bit of miscommunication (which is nothing ne to stories as such) , this is so easy to go through.

The whole story boosts this fuzzy emotion that makes the reading so easy and so much fun. Yes, the issues may be a bit unoriginal and cliché but I think the greatly created characters made up for all of it.

Being a privileged girl doesn’t make Whitney a bitch - in fact she came all too sweet and natural. I love watching her character grow as she learns how to stand on her own decisions for her life. Cole is also a great tandem for her - despite his broodiness, arrogance and stubbornness he's so much easy to like. Mallory, Zeke and Whitney’s mom are also great additions.

I just wished that Mallory get her own happy ever after with her true father. Maybe another story which stars her is around the way. ;)

Overall, Escaping Me is one sweet romance with its nice and fuzzy setting, great characters and a plot that is well built despite its simplicity. I enjoyed reading it! :)

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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Left Drowning - Jessica Park
She was left drowning to the tragic memory of her parents.
He was left drowning to the tragic memory his past.
And they we're both struggling to breathe…

Would you all consider me a loser if I tell you I don’t know how to skip stones? It's really a shame that I ever really learned how to do it despite my yearly visit to beaches every summer. However, this book gives a chapter that I liked to call 'The Skipping Stone Tutorial’ this is a chapter where you would learn how to do it with a very hot guy as your personal tutor. Hmm.. Are you now interested to learn? *wink*

Left Drowning provoked a good and strong sense of emotional surge in me. I really appreciate the author's way to convey a story with a strong emotional pull. I felt each and every emotional journey of the characters - from soaring heights of love, grief, loss and eventually healing. I'm not really one of those who are in too overly dramatic and angsty stories and I actually thought this story might be in that page but I was surprised that despite those being present the overall writing makes up for it.

Somehow, reading this reminds me as I was reading Hopeless. Why? Well, maybe because I was left on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting and predicting for something to happen.

The characters - Blythe, Chris, Sabin, James, Estelle and Eric are all each part of the puzzle that makes up this story. Each of them has their own distinct qualities but despite all that they have one common thing - they we’re all messed up. The story shows how each of them coped with their haunting pasts. They were absolutely flawed in the most perfect way.

There are no words to describe my love for the Shepherd siblings! Estelle and her beauty and assurance and confidence and of course her giant purse that I wanted to steal, Erik with his silent but heartwarming gestures and Sabin with his exuberance and charm. I know I'm not the only one but Sabin is the one that definitely left a great mark on me. From the first moment he stole Blythe's coffee all through the hard parts of the story. I wanted to have him as my best friend! I really really liked the fact that he's the best friend of Blythe here and lets all be honest its not always that we get the ’girl-and-boy best friend relationship that are plain platonic. It's like a breath of fresh air.

I admit I was frustrated most of the time with Chris and Blythe's crazy relationship - with their on and off scheme add up to this are the ridiculous decisions that the characters made and the never ending uncertainties and miscommunications. But the very most redeeming this about these frustrations is that it makes the ending all worth while. And let me say this for once: Every coincidence that happened on this book are freakin' awesome! I might have predicted a thing or two of the secrets and revelations but it still surprised me at the end. Everything was nicely packed at the end - every connection and revelations were brilliantly written.

It was a beautifully told story. From the not-so-perfect characters and everything that went along with it. The twisting journey of frustration is definitely worth it!
Deep Betrayal - Anne Greenwood Brown Lies Beneath is one of those fantasy books that I did enjoy - I enjoyed every mermaid-y moment of it. It takes a bit of a long time to read the sequel but whatev’s I could say it’s still as enjoying as the first.

Someone is one killing spree - it's either Calder's sister or Lily's father.

From Calder's perspective we now jumped to Lily's perspective. I guess, it has its up and down side to it. It’s good because we somehow see how Lily sees through all of this craziness that seems to be happening around her and her family, I was curious about what she thinks about all this. The downside for it (which is a huge percentage for me) is that I needed the insights with everything that is happening on this book from Calder. Lily seems to bring only the human side where the story lures more into what is happening beneath the waters.

Lily seems to be a bit different here - the quirky, stubborn and hard-headed girl we all met on the first book came of as needy and only sees herself during the first parts of this book but that's just at the beginning (when Calder hasn’t made an appearance yet) and not soon enough the girl we all met on the first book came back. She greatly matured here; she sees through things and willingly considers circumstances that happened through the book.

Calder also developed hugely. On the first book he's more the killer merman and is focused on his ways of living but here he's fast becoming more human and is getting used to living the human ways. He's also fast becoming a member of the Hancock family - the very family that he and his sisters tried to break on the first book.

Calder’s sisters are given vicious on the first book and I honestly find myself missing them here. Yes, they made an appearance from time to time but it feels different; they’re not anymore the highlight of it all.

As for Calder and Lily’s sweet romance, it’s still as mellow as ever but I honestly liked it. There are no extreme complications – a little bit of misunderstanding here and there but that’s it.

The whole story was still interesting and is more interesting as ever - the mystery of the killing spree, mermaid scandals and the additional myth of Marighdean Mara. Though it confused the hell out of me the story of Marighdean Mara was a very interesting addition and a good story background for this.

My only qualm about it was the pacing of the story. It started on a really really slow pace – with Lily waiting for Calder and even counting off the days. But when Calder made his appearance all mysteries came up but then nothing happens. The succeeding pages were spent with Lily still waiting some more and wait and wait and speculate and wait. Then out of nowhere answers came and there is action, action and action but then during that time the anticipation seems to already leave out of me. It would’ve been better if all was given to us gradually and not all at once.

A little side note is that reading this makes me more curious about Lake Superior. If it’s only that near to me I would’ve visit it already but maybe soon though. ;) I consider every swim of Lily with Calder to be the highlight of the chapter or even the whole story. I was fascinated with the setting and it’s a great one made for the whole story.

Although it doesn’t give me the same excitement as the first book it was still surprising and entertaining to read. The ending is a definite killer so next book should truly be waited on! A great sequel!
This Time Around - Ellie  Grace
This time around they will not let anyone hinder what they have.
This time around they will make everything right - better.
This time around it will be for forever.

This is another case of I just have to give it a try book. I don’t know I always get that compulsion.

Norah comes from a privileged family. Jake is the town bad boy.
Two former sweethearts came back together.
Sounds too cliché? Yes, it is. But This Time Around is one of those types of read that are easy, exciting yet will definitely get you. I don't know but I enjoyed reading it.

Norah and Jake are okay characters. There is nothing thatexceptional about them but they both hold their ground. Norah was snarky and spunky - she always puts up in a fight and I like her for that; however her ability to assume every little thing annoys me. As for Jake, I don’t really know what to say, he was a good character but his determination to still be with Norah and prove himself to her and her family was awesome.

His awesome proposal to Norah swoons me!!

Only mishap for me is I think the time between them separating and getting back together happened too fast. Yes, I know it’s a natural occurring thing with stories like this but I'll appreciate it more if it keeps us readers anticipating for more. But despite that, once they reconciled and talked things through they made a fresh start. It’s enjoying to watch them build back what they have before and although through the time that separated them and they’re very much different persons from then it’s really evident that their connection and love is still there.

There are no surprises. The story is just what it is and please I mean that as a compliment. It was your average novel that as I’ve said easy to read and definitely not too overwhelming. It was a good easy romantic read.
Resplendent (A Second Chance, #2) - M.J. Abraham

RESPLENDENT: something having great beauty and splendor.

First, cover cover love! The funny thing is that I really do imagine the guy to be who Andres should be is. Yay! It makes the reading experience has a real feel to it because I could definitely picture Andres – if you guys know what I mean. ;)

As I’ve said, I’m a great sucker for ‘friends-turn-to-lovers’ kind of stories, I take it in any form. Resplendent’s story revolved on that same plot line, so I was honestly excited for this.Andres and Savannah was introduced in one of the scenes in Happenstance – with that picture in mind, different ideas on how this ‘friendship thing’ works for these two.

The story was told in alternating point of views of the present and the past. From the start of the story we get to see how their relationship seemed to be doomed yet beautifully crafted with time. Its nice seeing their story unfold in the past. It was a pretty sweet ride revisiting teenage years of these two – there were happy and sweet moments, sad ones and heartbreaking ones.

Savannah is such a kind soul. She was so caring and wear her heart on her sleeves. She puts people first on her behalf but despite that she has the ability to make decisions that are great and although she seem so naive, she became all strong and able to stand up on her own.

Andres on the other hand was our typical bad-ass alpha male. He’s the extreme opposite of Savannah – he’s strong, possessive and makes bad decisions – and I mean very bad decisions but the very good thing about this? He makes up for all of it even though he’s uncertain about things he makes up for things that he thinks he did. He’s sweet and caring deep down inside.
I knew it! Carmin is a definite bitch! I really have a bad nagging feeling about her from the start and I certainly got the thing right!

I really like Savannah and Andres both individually and together. It’s easy to invest to them and their story. I just knew they were really meant to be together.

Resplendent is quite different from the first book [b:Happenstance|16432374|Happenstance (A Second Chance, #1)|M.J. Abraham|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355459160s/16432374.jpg|22620023], and though I thoroughly loved that book, Resplendent takes its rank with it. With its twist and turn and predictable yet unpredictable twist that even makes my eye rolls – it was still a good story., I really appreciate MJ Abraham’s nick for crafting awesome stories like this. Will there be more? ;)

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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