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My Only - N.K. Smith
"‘Everyone dies.’ I felt my emotions, cried my tears, and then came to peace about it. You don’t ever ‘get over’ something like that, all you can do is embrace the experience and do your best to go on."


I know this book is gonna make me cry.
I can't help but love Adam and Olivia and loathe Aaron around the middle.
The blurb is too good to be true for things to go smoothly.
It was good, so good.
Lessons about life and love comes hand in hand on this story.

Adam was shy and awkward and likes to keep things to himself. He’s quite, reserved and plays on the drum line and always keeps himself on the sidelines unlike his twin identical brother Aaron. Adam believes that though they’re twins there are a lot of things in which they differ and it extends to their sociability, physicality and even talents. Reading on his POV made me realize how lonely he really is and I easily sense the insecurity every way.

Adam is the kind of character that I really do feel pity for but end up loving as much of him. As I continue reading his story it didn’t take much for me to realize that he doesn’t need my pity, instead he needs my understanding – understanding the story of his life and the love that accompanies it. He drowns his self on self-pity already from time to time so it doesn’t help if I add up to it. Plus I really envy his work and Barnes and Noble bookstore. ;)

Then there’s the free-spirited Olivia. She’s the pretty and easy kind of person to get along with. She’s kind, tolerant and open-minded. Olivia was one complex character that I don’t know where she would take me. She’s very straight forward and tells and shows thing as they come but there’s also the mysterious part of her that easily draws me to her. It’s like having to scratch a certain itch – you just want to read it and know the mystery behind those meaningful statements that she left.

Olivia was good at seeing the real Adam and I really admire her for that as to seeing behind his pretenses. I really like how she truly understands him and giving him enough room to breathe in and not giving him any pressure to fill out the empty silences between them.

As I have said, I knew this book is going to make me feel a lot of things and I know from the first page – that is when I feel that sudden eerie yet mysterious nature to it – that I know it would be good. It has so much depth and emotion to it and this is definitely not like any YA novel out there. Emotional roller-coaster ride once again for me; from the happiness, the sad times, anger and even the heartbreak (which totally ruined my heart.) Emotional Overload it is!

My Only is one worth it and epic read. It makes me believe in things that the characters believe into. It gives us a story about holding on and having the strength to live and love and overcome things and to move on.

Thanks to The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House for providing a copy for review.

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