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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling How could I resist reading a book which has those elements of a young hot guy, beautiful fearless girl, great banter between the characters full of humor and sweet innuendos, some baggage and issue between them and the hot kissing and make-up and loving part; It's hard and I honestly can't resist it. I started reading it immediately after laying my hands on it. An easy 5 stars rating is what I immediately thought after finishing it and that thing seldom happen on my ratings. I know, I know the story may seem cliché but it was just sooo good! It captivated me from the beginning to the end.

The Perfect Game has this common, used up and almost clichéd plot about a good girl trying to resist hot-handsome-with loads of charm-guy but in the end, she ends up falling for him. It started good but it reminds me of other books I've read with the same plot (E.G. Beautiful Disaster and Taking Chances). It started happy and fun and full of swoon worthy moments when Cassie finally gives Jack a chance. Then, the story swerved on a different direction; from the light and sweet read, things started to get complicated for both parties. The aftermath was so heartbreaking and I honestly cry about it. The twist was just so unfair and I find myself finding loopholes to what happened so that things would get back to the way they use to be. But that twist makes the story more realistic and understandable. I mean, there are no prefect relationships and all and stuffs really happen so the twist is definitely on its place but I still can’t get out the hurt and sympathy I felt for both Jack and Cassie because of what happened.
(I’m so sorry for referring to the twist as a thing. I don’t wan t to spoil and it’s the least I can do to cover it up and still share my insights about it. Lol.)

The story has a great balance of everything. It has the angst and the humor. The banter between Jack and Cassie and the other characters are pretty hilarious. That's one thing I love about this book. There's a great interaction between the characters. I continuously say that I'm not really a sports person but reading stories that give us knowledge about those stuffs makes me want to read more. I understand Jack’s love for the sports he’s playing.

Jack Carter. Jack 'freakin' Carter. The Bad-boy incarnate. The one guy that if I would ever get the chance to meet, I'm pretty sure I couldn’t say no too. He's a very cliché character but I don’t know why I still love characters like him. He's arrogant and acts like an ass for the first parts of the story but it’s those qualities that draw me more to him. He's also very persistent. He's ways of wooing Cassie again and again and again makes me grin every single time. I know there's really more to his character than meets the eye and I'm happy that I didn’t get that thing wrong, there really more to Jack Carter.

Cassie is one feisty girl. She is witty and smart. Her ability to continuously say no to Jack amazes me. I mean, I honestly can't say no to someone like Jack Carter. Her quick retorts and comebacks to whatever he says make me laugh. Though she had her weak moments from time to time I still love her attitude about things.

I whole-heartedly love Jack and Cassie's character but I want to get to know more of them. I want to see a story from both of their past. They both hold this certain aura that there’s a more detailed story about their life. Another thing is that I want more of the 'honeymoon' stage of their relationship. I'm really a sucker for swoon-worthy moments and there are a lot of those in this book but I want to see Jack and Cassie on that phase. The sweet honeymoon phase because the story seems to suddenly jump from them being on the first date then the next they’re together. I just want to see more of it.

The secondary characters also add up a great spice to the story. Dean was great. I want to see more of him. He’s a very supportive and all out brother to Jack without being biased as Cassie's friend. I want to see him and his story and I also want him to get his own happy ever after.

The story is already good as it is but there's always a room for adjustment and development. If you noticed I used the word ’cliché’ a couple of times, because a lot of things here are pretty much uhm cliché, it’s a negative thing to most but I’m not really against it here, in fact I really love the story and gave this 5 stars rating.

It was an awesome read and would be surely worth your precious time. Things packed up sweetly and nicely and I honestly want to see more. A story about Dean won’t be bad. ;)

Good. Soooooo good.

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