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Resplendent (A Second Chance, #2) - M.J. Abraham

RESPLENDENT: something having great beauty and splendor.

First, cover cover love! The funny thing is that I really do imagine the guy to be who Andres should be is. Yay! It makes the reading experience has a real feel to it because I could definitely picture Andres – if you guys know what I mean. ;)

As I’ve said, I’m a great sucker for ‘friends-turn-to-lovers’ kind of stories, I take it in any form. Resplendent’s story revolved on that same plot line, so I was honestly excited for this.Andres and Savannah was introduced in one of the scenes in Happenstance – with that picture in mind, different ideas on how this ‘friendship thing’ works for these two.

The story was told in alternating point of views of the present and the past. From the start of the story we get to see how their relationship seemed to be doomed yet beautifully crafted with time. Its nice seeing their story unfold in the past. It was a pretty sweet ride revisiting teenage years of these two – there were happy and sweet moments, sad ones and heartbreaking ones.

Savannah is such a kind soul. She was so caring and wear her heart on her sleeves. She puts people first on her behalf but despite that she has the ability to make decisions that are great and although she seem so naive, she became all strong and able to stand up on her own.

Andres on the other hand was our typical bad-ass alpha male. He’s the extreme opposite of Savannah – he’s strong, possessive and makes bad decisions – and I mean very bad decisions but the very good thing about this? He makes up for all of it even though he’s uncertain about things he makes up for things that he thinks he did. He’s sweet and caring deep down inside.
I knew it! Carmin is a definite bitch! I really have a bad nagging feeling about her from the start and I certainly got the thing right!

I really like Savannah and Andres both individually and together. It’s easy to invest to them and their story. I just knew they were really meant to be together.

Resplendent is quite different from the first book [b:Happenstance|16432374|Happenstance (A Second Chance, #1)|M.J. Abraham|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355459160s/16432374.jpg|22620023], and though I thoroughly loved that book, Resplendent takes its rank with it. With its twist and turn and predictable yet unpredictable twist that even makes my eye rolls – it was still a good story., I really appreciate MJ Abraham’s nick for crafting awesome stories like this. Will there be more? ;)

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