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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Then, Again - Karen Stivali I remember those petty and shy times during my high school where I use to doodle the name of my crush on my notebooks or book’s side or anywhere I could put it. You do you still remember that stage where you go on that same mantra? Where you believe that maybe someday that that certain person would bring back the same attention to you and you would both live happily ever after together? Kimberly/Kimmy/Kay is no different from all of us.

Travel photography is a job that Kay seriously takes and loves. But after returning home sooner than scheduled and finding out that her boyfriend is sleeping around with other girls while she’s away add up to this is the emotional wreck she came into when she heard the news that her grandmother passed away. She needs to head back hone – to the place where she spent her summer days just being carefree and comfortable also the place where she met her first ultimate crush James Margolis.

Kay is one of those characters that I wanted to give a warm-friendly hug. Her only family was her grandmother and her two best friends but despite the trials she faced as she grew, she worked hard to achieve her dreams. She’s independent and focused on her career. But one thing that sways this woman’s confidence is the presence of James – all hot male all time crush of hers. It’s really funny to see her reactions whenever this guy was around for it seems like she transform back to the shy and timid girl that she ‘s been during her highschool.

Despite his mature age, James is one adorable and endearing character. I find his ‘what-if’ moments so cute! She’s all confidence on the outside but on the inside he’s all heap of over thinking. This guy could really cook!! The detailed description of the food he’s planning to serve on his restaurant was such a delish! He two was easily swayed by Kay’s presence.

James and Kay are two people that seemed to be cut out of the same cloth. Their relationship was simple, sweet; passionate and has its roots. Though its been years since they last seen each other and during then they haven’t even talked much but the chemistry when they saw each other once again was there. Meeting again opens up another set of opportunities for their relationship and the good thing about this is that they already have the history and foundation in it – everything in between would be a simple getting to know you once again or rehash of everything they’ve been too during the past years.

From the meeting and getting to know you again parts to the first date, movie nights, walk on the beach, dinners, baby sitting, family meetings, ex’s, first fight and misunderstanding and separation – It was all worth the drama and the little tears.

Then, Again is a cute case story that makes my belief is happy ever after firmer. Despite us stepping into a future where good things lies ahead, it’s also good to look back to see people that we could bring along to the good future times.

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