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The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller
That was incredible! No, it was amazing!
Incredizing? Amazible?

The Summer I Became a Nerd was just adorable! I’m not really the literal nerdy type of girl – yes I do love and prefer to spend time reading or studying but on the other hand I’m also really into going out. I guess I’m just a different kind of nerd – totally not the comic book fan one but I’m still a nerd and that thing itself what appeals into me as to joining the tour for this book.

I think Madelyn is not the only who’s living a secret life. I know that each one of us has the secret identity – right-oh? ;)
Madelyn makes a great protagonist to this story; I admit she’s not easy to like at first but seeing her as she developed, learn her lessons and be the better girl that she is at the end makes me feel proud of her. Though I get the feeling that she exaggerate things at times I know that the way that she acts makes the whole story believable and realistic.

Logan is the nerd guy I never even anticipate to like! He is such an adorable piece of thing. He’s thoughful, sweet and plainly adorable! He’s the type of geek that greatly complements Madelyn. I know that his passion for comic and LARP runs deep into his heart.

The romance on the story was like another breathes of fresh air. I find myself thinking that I would never ever get tired of YA romance – from the cute, awkward and sweet moments to the petty fights. The imperfection of starting the relationship was just so cute.

The story is not all about the cutesy and dorky notes; the issue of friendship, popularity and relationship are all well-discussed and mixed into the story.

The book ended in a really good note. The characters have shown great development plus the lesson behind it was well done! I do admit that a lot of comic references and LARP thing don’t even make sense to me but the way that the story was conveyed and seeing Logan and Maddie getting giddy over those stuffs is enough for me to be engrossed to it.

It was fun, easy, enjoying and such an adorable read! If you’re also an undercover nerd – now is the time to come out of your shells and join this amazing story of two nerds showing us that being yourself is totally totally cool!

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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