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Seeing Red - Sidney Halston Plane Crash. Island. Stranded. Surviving.
Twin Boys. One Red-Headed Girl. Romance

Spending your childhood in an island isn’t as naturey and summery as you might think especially when you spend the day you we’re born up to the 10th year of your life there. That is what Jillian Stone and the twin brother Oliver and Alexander thought after surviving a tragic plane crash .

Once again I stumble reading a book where love triangle is present. The thing about love triangles is that no matter how good the other one is you would always have this someone that you would root for and it did happen here to me – the good thing is that I root for the right guy ;) Another thing that happen when I get to read love triangles is that I tend to get a bit annoyed with the person who is the center of attention.

Jillian found the great friendship that everyone is looking for with Oliver and Alexander. It was so evident from the get go that her love for them is exceptional and her care and concern for them is so genuine. For once, I honestly never did question her love for them, she’s a smart woman who is a survivor to a lot of tragic and sad events. Oh and she’s clairvoyant or psychic or whatever you want to call it.

But Jillian also ticks something off for me – I’m not amazed on how brave she acted upon a certain incident on the book. The incident is creepy and scary beyond explanation and all she did was keep it to her and acted like nothing happened. Another thing that bother me is how easily she spit out the word love with Professor Black – I get that he’s hot and gorgeous and swoon-worthy for her but as a very smart woman how could she easily let things go that way. For once I thought she just find him as s convenience since she doesn’t want to choose either of the twins but I know from the beginning that something is lingering behind Black’s character and I know he’s just using her and her vulnerability during that time to do something.

Lastly, I don’t like for one second her whiny and a bit bitchy attitude with Alexander. Her points are all valid but I can’t help but think twice to the things she say and things she did.

Now the twins:
Oliver as Jillian said is like a character straight out from a Nicholas Sparks Novel: sweet, loyal, loving and dependable. Additional to that is the great look and smart mind.

Alexander is the complete opposite of his brother when it comes to attitude: he’s unpredictable, unreliable, dangerous but does have the same great looks and smart mind.

The story didn’t stick in a certain phase or year – it evolved. It moves and there is a development. The story is not stucked in a certain year. I get to witness what these characters get through even through the past years – how they reunite, they celebrate, fight and reconcile.

Seeing Red is a great mixture of romance and paranormal and mysterious stuffs but mostly it revolves around the Romance part. But to be honest it’s not the romance part that pushed me into continuing reading this one – it’s the mystery of it all; Helen’s journals plus the things that Jillian discovers through her gifts and as to what would happen next. I just hope that those stuffs are also given a much wider part.

Seeing Red is a very original story and appealing to the readers. I thought that this was a stand alone book so I was really surprised on how it ended. Will I be reading the next book? Oh sure why not? A lot of stuff is still left at bay especially what I consider the important ones. So yes – I’ll surely look forward to it.

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