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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Love's Forbidden Flower - Diane Rinella Each one of us is looking for that someone who knows us better than we know ourselves, who can identify and read our moods and know the things that tick you off and the things that you like. Soul mate - that is what they call that significant other.

Donovan and Lily found that in each other.
But they can’t be together - people would talk and people would judge.
Because they’re brothers and sister.

The plot of the story is too powerful and I might say also controversial. This is not the first time that I get to read a book with this subject but since the first and the only time I read a book with the same subject left me somewhat shocked and broken I didn’t dive into those stuffs again but since Love's Forbidden Flower picks my interest I figure - why not give it another chance?

I know from the start that a book with this subject matter would be full of complications and struggles and I do prepare myself for that but even though I prepared my armor and suit and the stuff some incidents about this book took me off-guard.

Lily is one of those few characters that I really admire for being too honest. Since the beginning her feelings for Donovan is crystal clear and she didn’t even try to hide it in fact she is the one who tries to pursue it and let them explore the possibilities of what could she and Donovan would have together.

Donovan - oh how I feel utterly sad for this guy. His transition from the sweet and gallant brother that he always has been into someone that is mean and withdrawn from people affects not only Lily but also me as a reader. It’s so sad and heartbreaking to seem them acts civilly with one another knowing that they both harbor great feelings for one another.

I know they really can’t be together and have that happily-ever-after they both deserve to have with one another but seeing their relationship as siblings turns into something cold and unknown is much sadder. Though they get through some rough times and still manage to find happiness between those times – those times where they’re both oblivious to what the other people might say or think – but seeing them struggle being together and struggle being apart is just too much.

Christopher is the light in here for me – his charming, witty, sweet and awkward British Attitude is too admirable for his own good. I can’t help but feel skeptic about him through his first appearances on the book but as time pass and he continue to talk and comfort Lily that’s where I accepted that he is truly a genuine and real character. He stayed with Lily throughout and I think he’s only the person who wouldn’t ask for details about what happened between Donovan and Lily. He respect people’s privacy and accept them for who they are.

I know there would still be a second book – I don’t know if I’m excited for it or not. I’m thinking what’s the need for the second book? Would it still be possible for Donovan and Lily to be together or would it just be another roller-coaster ride of emotions and characters? Though the epilogue is too bitter for me I prefer how it ended but yes there would be a book 2 so I think I would look forward to it.

A very poignant, destroying story in a very beautiful way. Not only about love’s gory details but also about acceptance and moving on with life.

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