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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The End of All Things - Lissa Bryan "Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s forging ahead despite that fear."

Intriguing - isn’t that what most dystopian books is all about?

I'm not really a huge fan of Dystopian books but a dose of it from time to time makes me feel good. The thing about them is that it brings endless questions to my mind and the anticipation if your hunch is true or not is enough to keep the pages rolling.

The End Of All things offers us the doom of the world from the get go - people are dying because of the sudden infection. Carly and Justin one of the few sane survivors. In a world where things are beginning to deteriorate, finding second chances, hope and love could be a great help.

The world created on this book gripped my curiosity and I easily delved into it. Everything was realistic and very much believable. I really like the fact that the story makes a progress. It didn’t happen in a week or in a month - it takes a long time for the hero and the heroine to get through this whole story. The visuals presented on the book were also believable; from them taking bikes to ride, camping out on the woods, foraging houses for food and creating fire.

Carly started out as a scared naive and sheltered city girl who can't do nothing but stare at the loss of humanity but she did surprise me with her continuous courage and perseverance and the will to surpass the things that are happening around. She's too optimistic and sees good in everything, it’s a good trait but during their time, it’s not handy. Justin: Tough and determined is the best words that would suit him. He's older and is always prepared to do things or go to a fight with what being a military man. I like how he eases his walls and accept the feeling of love he has never shown or given or felt before.

Well developed characters - that's Justin and Carly . Things kicked off with me eagerly curious about them and at around a fourth of reading the story, they already got me and I'm into them and their story 110%.With the simple things they do involving hair ties or eating French fires - watching them survive a tragic event and have blossoming relationship and family is really really beautiful to read. Silly at times yet they really made me smile for a couple of times.

While reading it, I sometimes forgot that Justin and Carly was on the run - a run to get to a safe place where they could live with enough food that is - because the typical things that humans need are still with them. It's only like they’re taking a cross country trip or whatsoever and adventure or sort for my part except for the fact that it’s scarier.

The End Of All Things isn’t just a story about two people falling in love or finding happiness at the wrong time. It was all about survival and having courage and hopes to go through another day and survive it. It was a very interesting story that would surely grip your post-apocalyptic minds.

It was a wonderful read; with very realistic characters and environment and relationship it was wonderful. It left me wanting for more! There's a hint of next book at the end of this and I'll surely pick that one up! :)

*Advanced copy kindly provided for review*
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