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My Unexpected Forever (Beaumont, #2) - Heidi  McLaughlin Welcome back to Beaumont! So, I was browsing a celebrity gossip site as I was writing my mini review for this one and came upon this photo...


Jeans and Bonnet = check
Tattoos = check
Good with Kid = check
So you guys, really can't blame me if this reminds me of Harrison.
(Just imagine David Beckam that is into music. ;) )

My Unexpected Forever is one of those companion novels that literally stands on its own. It doesn’t live up to the shadow of how successful the first book - Forever My Girl - is for it has its own way of approaching the story, the whole plot was much different and has its won depth.

Two single parents. Two single souls.
Losing the past and new beginnings.

It's pretty much obvious that Katelyn and Harrison have this certain connection ever since they first laid eyes on each other. But reluctance lingers between them. Our guy was reluctant to act straightly on his feelings for Katelyn afraid that she might bring him down. While Katelyn was reluctant to give in on this connection because she has this certain guilt that its too early for her to move on from her late husband add up to that is the fact that Harrison was not the guy the people expected her to be with - rockish, big and filled with tattoos.

It was honestly a torture to see how these two deny the feelings they have for one another. But I consider it a good part since they didn’t immediately jumped off into the chemistry they have. Their relationship is a work in progress. Their story was brilliantly executed by the author. I feel every emotion that comes through them. The reluctance, connection and the emotions about losing a loved one, grieving, moving on and getting over that unease and guilty feeling.

Katelyn's character was greatly portrayed. Though honestly, I want to nudge her for getting Harrison’s feelings so confused. But I haven’t been in any situation similar to hers so I really don’t have the right to judge and on the other side I do felt for her. Her words are simply powerful reaching my heart. I like her making mistakes over the course of the story - losing her mind and being paranoid over things.

Harrison makes me sigh most of the time. It feels like whenever he shows up, he completes the whole picture. He is everything that I oh I mean Katelyn needs. He's everything Katelyn needs. Their goals in life seem to match just perfectly. He was patient, loving, kind, understanding, and great with the twins and it was obvious that he love Katelyn and importantly he came to Katelyn and the twins life not to replace Mason. I really like the fact that he knows his place. His character feels so surreal; he's the most understanding person! He makes me weak whenever he spends time with Katelyn's twin girls - from their banter to coloring sessions up to them playing instruments. He obviously has a powerful connection with Kids.

The children are one of the great parts of the story. Quinn, Noah, Elle and Peyton rocks! I know they will all be best of friends and I honestly can’t wait for them to grow up and have a story of their own! My Unexpected Forever also lets us see how Liam and Josie are and I’m telling you guys, there is a pivotal issue between the two.

Aside from the fact that this series is getting better and better, the characters are all so real and the issues that they carry are all so real. They’re not simple petty things that a normal person faces everyday. I was surreally real and I love the author for continuing in making it that way.

In all, My Unexpected Forever was a great companion novel to this series. Will there be more? I do hope so. But I will take whatever Heidi Mclaughlin will give us now. ;)