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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Smash Into You - Shelly Crane I’m a fan of Shelly Crane’s Significance series so knowing a new book from her will come out I can’t help me to gush and wait for it!

As a self-confessed romantic-at-heart, I’m a firm believer of coincidences, destinies, soul mates and stuffs like that. That is the very thing that makes me love the author’s Significance Series – it’s about destiny and finding your soul mate and this new story from her Smash Into You surprisingly has the same ingredient as those – coincidences and soul mates! Jude and Marley are like two old souls just waiting for the right time to smash into one another.

I’m a firm believer of coincidences, destinies or such ,yes its my romantic-at-heart side that is talking but I love stories that goes along that way and it was a great surprise for me to see that this story was a story that is full of coincidental and destiny things. Jude and Marley are like two lost souls whom I know were just waiting for the right time to meet.

Smash Into You started great to me. I love how the characters are introduced – the broody-guy-on-the-run meets the sweet and carefree heroine. They literally smash into each other – or rather their cars smash into one another – and that’s when they continuously bump into each other over and over again. Sounds like your typical New Adult story right, and it’s nothing new for me since I’ve read my fair share of those types of story. But wait there’s more…

When the ghost of our hero’s past catch up on them, that’s when things start to twist. Honestly, I was half-hearted about this certain twist that author has brought up to the story. Well, in a sense I just find it too weird, it seems like it comes out of nowhere! I’m just freakingly weirded out by the whole revelation and I’m honestly bothered by it even after finishing the story and I will not get tired of saying that it was really a weird transition.

But despite me being weirded out by it, I give kudos to the author for twining this twist in a very nice way to the story. It was great build up to the story – you know something big is going to come up and it just comes popping out in front of your face. You will definitely find yourself asking as to why Jude is on the run and whom he was running from. Wovening this on Jude and Marley’s story seems to be fitting enough for them. I guess this would’ve worked for me if I’m not eaten enough by the weird thoughts at first.

At first, I find nothing so different from the characters. Jude was the typical ass-bad/playboy who loves girls, booze and parties while Marley is your typical sweet, good girl striving to finish school type of heroine – nothing new with them right? But once we learn about who they really are that’s where the real story revolves – we get to see Jude’s life with his mom and his life growing up and how he was left all alone to fend for himself and move on to every place just to survive. While Marley was the girl who was left by her mom and transferred to different foster homes until she’s left to fend for herself. But when the world’s way work it would definitely worked coz by the end of it all we find out that these tow are not too stranger to one another – there are a lot of strings attaching them to one another hence me describing them like tow old souls waiting for the right time for them to smash into one another.

So I like the characters and the certain twist would’ve been great if I was not weirded out by it but another thing that I find questioning is why did Jude chose just this moment to face the people who are running after him? It s a long time to wait maybe he’s jus waiting for someone like Marley to push him but I can’t help but think: “After years of running, Why just now?”

Smash Into You was a deeper, bigger and much filled with mystery and suspense it was another sure smash hit for Shelly Crane! I hope she continue to write stories with destinies, coincidences or such – it makes me feel like I’m not the only who’s a true blue romantic at heart. ;)

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