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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Deep Betrayal - Anne Greenwood Brown Lies Beneath is one of those fantasy books that I did enjoy - I enjoyed every mermaid-y moment of it. It takes a bit of a long time to read the sequel but whatev’s I could say it’s still as enjoying as the first.

Someone is one killing spree - it's either Calder's sister or Lily's father.

From Calder's perspective we now jumped to Lily's perspective. I guess, it has its up and down side to it. It’s good because we somehow see how Lily sees through all of this craziness that seems to be happening around her and her family, I was curious about what she thinks about all this. The downside for it (which is a huge percentage for me) is that I needed the insights with everything that is happening on this book from Calder. Lily seems to bring only the human side where the story lures more into what is happening beneath the waters.

Lily seems to be a bit different here - the quirky, stubborn and hard-headed girl we all met on the first book came of as needy and only sees herself during the first parts of this book but that's just at the beginning (when Calder hasn’t made an appearance yet) and not soon enough the girl we all met on the first book came back. She greatly matured here; she sees through things and willingly considers circumstances that happened through the book.

Calder also developed hugely. On the first book he's more the killer merman and is focused on his ways of living but here he's fast becoming more human and is getting used to living the human ways. He's also fast becoming a member of the Hancock family - the very family that he and his sisters tried to break on the first book.

Calder’s sisters are given vicious on the first book and I honestly find myself missing them here. Yes, they made an appearance from time to time but it feels different; they’re not anymore the highlight of it all.

As for Calder and Lily’s sweet romance, it’s still as mellow as ever but I honestly liked it. There are no extreme complications – a little bit of misunderstanding here and there but that’s it.

The whole story was still interesting and is more interesting as ever - the mystery of the killing spree, mermaid scandals and the additional myth of Marighdean Mara. Though it confused the hell out of me the story of Marighdean Mara was a very interesting addition and a good story background for this.

My only qualm about it was the pacing of the story. It started on a really really slow pace – with Lily waiting for Calder and even counting off the days. But when Calder made his appearance all mysteries came up but then nothing happens. The succeeding pages were spent with Lily still waiting some more and wait and wait and speculate and wait. Then out of nowhere answers came and there is action, action and action but then during that time the anticipation seems to already leave out of me. It would’ve been better if all was given to us gradually and not all at once.

A little side note is that reading this makes me more curious about Lake Superior. If it’s only that near to me I would’ve visit it already but maybe soon though. ;) I consider every swim of Lily with Calder to be the highlight of the chapter or even the whole story. I was fascinated with the setting and it’s a great one made for the whole story.

Although it doesn’t give me the same excitement as the first book it was still surprising and entertaining to read. The ending is a definite killer so next book should truly be waited on! A great sequel!