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Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski
The first kill is always the hardest, the one you never forget.
The first kill is also what drops the chances of living a normal life...


As much as I love J.A Redmerski's "The Edge of Never", I was hesitant to read Killing Sarai, Why? Well, maybe because I’m thinking it would not live up to what I’m expecting it to be which is a definite kill and awesome as to the other reviews I have read and I’m also thinking this would to off The Edge of Never. But fortunately, I was definitely not disappointed instead I’m left wanting for more.

Killing Sarai is way way way different from the first novel of J.A. Redmerski that I've read - it was dark, mysterious, captivating and just plain good!

She spent nine years of her life learning to be numb about rape, drugs and killing.
Nine years held in captive by a drug lord named, Javier.

It's really not hard to admire Sarai's will to survive. She has the strength and drive to push herself in order for her to survive. In nine-years he’s been held captive, she learned a lot and become stronger as ever and held so much in until she breaks down pushing her to get away. By the ends of it all, I can't help but feel proud on what she become.

He could speak Spanish, German, French, English and god knows what other language.
He's an alpha male. Sexy, mysterious and he's an assassin.

Victor is all sorts of messed-up and he definitely defined the word intriguing. He's definitely that word from the get go. He doesn’t trust anyone and always questions people's intention. He's definitely one though character to get through; yes, he's mysterious and all hard but he's an assassin with conscience. I get to see a softer side to him from time to time but it still feels like he's hiding a whole lot more.

The lingering romance between these two is definitely there. I don’t think it is one of Stockholm Syndrome since Sarai is not really forced into anything - coz she’s the one who forced Victor to save her. But he does keep her and tie her up but mostly it’s just to keep her in place knowing hoe tough Sarai could be.

Disconnected - Sarai and Victor is definitely disconnected to me initially. I can't seem to find a connection with the both of them as I start reading it plus the pacing of the story didn’t do quite well for me initially but around halfway through it when things started to heat up and the key to the story was suddenly eliminated - that's where my connection to the whole story and characters start. I honestly don’t know where the story would head when that important person was eliminated on the story and it really keeps me off the edge of my seat.

The book ended leaving me with a whole lot more of questions - about Victor, The Order and Niklas and what’s more in store for Sarai. The major problems are solved, but it still left me wanting for more.

Killing Sarai is definitely not your typical romance story and as I've said it was way way different from the author's other novel. I love the action, mystery and the lingering romance. Way to go Ms.Redmerski!