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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Playing For Keeps (The Game, #2) - Emma  Hart And the games begin again...but voluntarily on both sides this time.

A voluntary game of love. With its own set of complex yet easily broken rules. With the ability to make or break the players. And both with the same prize.

I'm excited for Megan and Aston as I finished the first book! I'm excited to see what more there is between these two characters that are often mentioned on the first book. The tension is pretty evident with all their jokes and insults with each other giving me an idea that there would definitely be more from them and now my waiting is finally done! Yay

She's looking for Mr. Darcy and he's looking for nothing more than a roll in the sack.

I know there is really something more with Aston - more than the cocky, womanizing, jerky guy; Broken. Shattered and Mismatched. That's what Aston thinks of him. I always became a softie when it comes to guy characters that are vulnerable. I already got a hint during the first parts that there is definitely more than meets the eye with Aston but knowing what really happened during his childhood - the abuse and being left all alone, I really can't help but feels sad about little Aston. As the story progress, seeing him trust and be with Megan makes me feel happy despite the things he'd been through. The good thing about this is that though he has his demons and is wounded, he never felt sorry and never wallows to pity.

Megan on the other hand, was I thought the sweet little girl so I was totally surprised on how she acted during that first scene upon opening this book. But she handles things pretty good, her devotion and love for Aston has been strong enough to help him chase the demons that is hunting him.I love her geeky literature side and I especially relate to her Pride and Prejudice Obsession. It's nice seeing her find her own Mr. Darcy.

I love Braden's big-brother attitude toward Megan, honestly I wanted to have a big brother but unfortunately didn’t have one - anyway he knows Aston's womanizing ways that's why he always threatened to castrate anyone who laid a finger on Megan. The journey with Megan and Aston's secret relationship keeps me hanging on and I indeed love the anticipation as to how Braden would react upon knowing.

Things didn’t work smoothly for them, but things we're settled. I have this tiny itch that is looking for more but fighting childhood demons and brother-like people are enough to keep this story rolling.

I also love seeing their group of friends; the group of "player" friends, which life and friendship blossoms into something more. I’m looking forward for their group to get bigger!

Many people said they prefer Aston and Megan’s story and as much as I enjoyed it, I think I'm still a Braden and Maddie fan but Playing For Keeps is another great addition to the series. The deep-side plus the humor and sarcastic side of the characters mixed up greatly to the story. I have no idea as to whose story the next installment to this story might be but for sure I’m looking forward to it.