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All I Need - Susane Colasanti
"How is it possible to feel like you've known someone your whole life when you just met him yesterday?"

You guys don't know how totally I'm into Summer Love. I always smell the beach and the bonfire and everything that is summery whenever I get to read summer romances, plus I missed reading Colasanti's work so everything about this book excites me.

The story started good with Sky meeting Seth on the beach and their two-day summer romance started. But due to life circumstances, they parted ways. A year or two passed, they saw each other again, and continue the thing thay started a few summers ago.

It was a nice little story but I needed more frameworks. The characters, Seth and Skye are good, but I wanted to see more from them, more than what was already on the surface. As much as I enjoyed uncomplicated stories like this one, I think that story rolls off too fast. It's really too fast. I could’ve wanted to cherish every little detail about Seth and Skye's romance but unfortunately days seem to roll off so fast on this book.

The story has a lot of potential to diving into deeper issues. For instance, they are somehow in a long-distance type of relationship but it seems like they easily just get into it without much of a struggle. Their too different life status - Skye comes from a wealthy family while Seth comes from an average one. The side issues of Seth’s parents and Skye's best friends at war was also mentioned but it seems like through all of this we all skimmed it up instead of really giving us readers more info about it, making me feel that it isn’t enough. I just wanted a more elaborate flow to the story and not simply skimming up parts of it because that’s what it seems to be happening as I’m reading it – everything is skimmed.

Despite those rants, I enjoyed Seth and Skye's relationship, maybe it’s because I'm growing up and a bit old for these types of stories that's why I'm asking for more, but those little happy moments still tickles my heart and still appreciate it. Plus I love the Serendipity-like twist of the story.

All I Need may not satisfy my every craving and expectations, but if you’re looking for a fast and sweet summer read, pick this one up.