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The Game Changer (The Perfect Game, #2) - J. Sterling
"The only way to move forward without regret was to accept what happened. I couldn’t change our past, but I could change our future."

I loved The Perfect Game, reading that turned me into a complete Jack Carter fan. Now, I was contented with how that ended and honestly Game Changer was really an unnecessary addition but if I could get to see more of Jack and Cassie and definitely know more of Jack's side and the things that could happen to them, who am I to complain?

I fell head over heels once again with Jack Carter. After the ultimate fuck-up that he did with Cassie on The Perfect Game, he finally redeemed and proved himself. This book makes me see how truly devoted he is to Cassie, how he did work hard just to get her back and prove that his love for her was really. In all honesty, I was hesitant to read this book because I can’t help but feel afraid of the fuck-up that Jack could do coz we all know he’s capable of those but surprisingly, all he did here was show his good side and as I’ve said redeemed himself.

Finding the balance between her own life and career with Jack’s celebrity status is where Cassie seems to struggle. I hate the fact that instead of talking to Jack about the dramas and confusion that she feels she chose to let it all build inside her and break her. For one, I really can’t blame her, she doesn’t want to be dubbed as the clingy girlfriend whatsoever and burden Jack with her petty issues but she could’ve simply told him that, that’s why relationship are made right? For you to be able to open up and talk. But I know that they’re just starting up again and the pressure of Jack being all famous and celebrity was a very though combination so, I guess they still do well with it.

This story is not at all a recap of the first book, it just gives us an idea as to what they both been through during the times they’re apart. There are a lot of new things in this book especially the change in Jack’s Celebrity status which is the cause of the main drama for this one. Good thing is that the drama here is not as heavy as to what the first book has, and I’m really thanking God for that. I really don’t think I can handle it.

Additional characters here are Melissa and Dean; I love the relationship between these two. Maybe a story about them would be great, Ms. Sterling.

In all, I liked this additional story of Jack and Cassie. It gives me the strong happy ending that I never thought I was looking. Sigh. I love you, happy ever afters. :)