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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Promise Me This - Sarah Ashley Jones Ugh! Why do I keep reading books that I thought was a stand-alone but ended up with a complete cliffy?! There, I said it already; a cliffy is definitely waiting for us at the end of this, but in a very rare and weird reason, I was happy and contented with the way it ended, yes it was a cliffy and it would’ve been nice if it didn’t end that way but it was a happy ending so whatever. But as I've told you with another story that I've read that also has a cliffy ending, don’t let that stop you from reading it for it was still worth the read!

When it came to a battle of originality, Promise Me This won’t make it any different from the others. The story somehow goes along this way:

Charlie is the daughter with an over protective parents.
Her brother Cameron rebelled flew out of Tennessee, move to San Diego and live his own free life.
Then an accident happened.
Charlie comes to San Diego to pack Cameron's place where she met Jhett.
Jhett, the tattooed, band-guitarist who is her brother's best friend.
They explore a series of firsts for each others, gets to know more about Cameron and each other.

Definitely not up to originality with its naive heroine and musician hero right? But the simplicity and tangibility of the story brings out the best of this book. The circumstances may not be any different from any other stories but the way it was all handled was greatly appreciated by me.

The characters are all more than the pretty faces and problematic teens. Yes, they have their flaws but they have their distinctive characteristics with them.
I see Charlie as more like her own brother. She craves spontaneous and adventurous events! I like that she finally decides to stay and just explore the place where her brother stayed.

Jhett with his hot and cold emotions, tattooed body and snarky attitude could be deceiving because under all that is a nice guy - a nice guy who has studied in a culinary school and could make you hungry with all his cooking. He could come as a very stereotype character but the thing that really makes his mark on me was when he gave Charlie a ride home with his Bicycle – not a motorcycle – on a bicycle! If motorcycles are hot, I consider Bicycle rides as the sweetest.

The romance was quite predictable and there is no doubt that this two will be together, but the highlight I guess would be the better end of it where one of them stands up to fight for their relationship.

The author's way of writing was flawless and easy to get into. The flow of events went smoothly so reading this has quite been a very easy experience for me. The only problem that I encounter here I guess is that lack of attention to the tragedy that became the root of this story which is Cameron's death. Yes, they’ve given him respect and all that but those few moments that he was mentioned it seems to force just to remind the readers that the characters lost someone important to them. It focused more on the romance rather than on the healing for the loss of someone they love.

Promise me this is more than just your romance novel, it's about living you life, fighting for what you really want , following your dreams, death and even guilt but despite it all LIVING and not simply existing. I'm excited to see more of Charlie and Jhett especially Jhett's Kill Ya Spaghetti. It was a very promising start on a series, so please please Sarah Ashley Jones, give us the next book ASAP. ;)