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Those Four Letter Words (TFLW, #0.5) - Christina Channelle Love and Hate
Four Letter Words.
Strong Four letter words.

I started reading this about on the weary and edgy side, I really didn't know what to expect with all the tension and mystery as to what would happen next. Though only a novella, the romance is pretty captivating and exciting, I even find myself rooting for someone.

I really find the way it was written suitable for the story itself, short but definitely concise (though I'm still looking for little tidbits more). The story build-up was really exiting and interesting where I find myself looking forward to what would really happen.

Jade is such a real character. What you see is what you get. She's living a good enough life that is really far from perfect. She's dating the popular guy - Connor but has a lovable yet alcoholic big brother and a pretty blunt best friend Nina. Add up to this is the reappearance of the guy who left her broken when she was just fifteen year old. Oh and her parents are keeping a secret from here. Hmm. Yes, her life is really far far from perfect, but I love her spunky character. She's just pretty real.

I enjoyed reading it and and devoured it in one easy reading, but I'm looking for more. I know, its just a novella and things I'm looking for might not be really there so my only hope for this is for a sequel to come. Pretty please author, next book please.

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy for review.*