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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
This Girl  - Colleen Hoover As the saying goes 'There's always two sides to every story'. Well, This Girl is the side of Will Cooper as he and Layken reminisce the things they've both been through way before they reached their blissful happy ever after.

Would it be possible for my heart to stop beating and beat frantically at the same time? It's all because of you, Will Cooper!

Stories being told in a different point of view are rampant these days, so what makes This Girl different from those? Well, it was the fact that it was not a simple retelling of the very same story for it was also woven into the present day lives of the characters. The flash-back thing that is happening makes the reading so good and not very repetitive at all. This girl gives us a lot of new scenes and emotions that we actually didn’t get to experience on the first book. Though you wouldn’t really understand what is going through if you haven’t read the first two books, but this girl seems to be another story not a retelling of the first book.

The first introduction.
The first impressions.
The first date.
The first kiss.
The falling in love.

All of these in Will's view such a sweet thing to go back into. Even though I didn’t have to wait long to read this third installment to the series, I can’t help but still feel nostalgic. Though we already get a glimpse of Will's view on the second book Point of Retreat, we fully understand more here the root of all these things, where it all really started. Being able to read about Wills decision making and hesitations and how thing really affected him really make this book great on its own, without the shadow of the book it was retelling.

Slammed series is not the first novel by Colleen Hoover that I've read, in fact it was Hopeless and I was also very much into that story and now that Slammed series has crossed path with me it was no wonder that I was now added to the long list of fans of this author. Ms. Hoover, you really have a magic with your hands and writing that never fails to make me feel - simply make me feel, so please continue writing stories like this.

This Girl, is an amazing addition and conclusion to this series. The entire Slammed series was one heck of a ride for me, but oh so worth it all, especially all those tiny tear I've cried and those happy and smile inducing moments it gave me. It's a beautiful and well-built story that would always live for me. It was all such a sweet ending for such a sweet story and sweet couple.