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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Kiss This - Hadley Quinn Entertaining is the best word I could think of that could describe Kiss This. Despite the overly used mixture of boy-meets-girl, drama, secrets, and heartbreaks and of course lots of love in the air Kiss This is amazingly good and entertaining on its own.

Camryn has suffered a tragic loss and since then she closed herself to all romantic stuffs that includes men. She refuses to kiss another guy until she’s sure that she finally falls in love again. (I shed a tear or two knowing the reason behind this little rule of hers).
Camryn is all character on her own. It’s not always that I get sympathetic over girls like her but I simply like her. She’s too sweet and kind. I also like the fact that she has a strong back-bone to stand on her own and not letting anyone fool her around.

Inferno hot, grade-A body, tropical paradise eyes, mouthwatering smile and euphoric voice. The door is wide open now for Teague.
Teague is also suffering with what he's going to do with his own life. He’s trying to escape a life that his father and brother mapped out for him. Teague is such a gentleman.

From the simple flirting to the bet and to the time where the game changes these two never did irritate or made me roll my eyes. I simply love the relationship that they have for it progressed nicely and the chemistry they have since the first time they met was really evident. The main issue with this two people is not different from any other issues couples faced – Trust; such a small word with a huge and deep meaning. When faced with the secrets and mysteries it all boils down to that.

The supporting characters like Melanie (Camryn’s sister) and Jay and Kellie (Teague's cousins), they add a huge amount of entertainment and humor to the book. As for Teague's own family - that's where the complication originates. His father and brother are the source of all the drama and the complicated things.

The only thing that seems be off for me is the fact that there are times - mostly by the half of the book- that I feel a bit clueless about certain things. I was confused with all the secrets and mysteries that they have. I find myself asking a couple of things like – Why are they both leaving the city life? Why they both seem to be broken? What is really behind the mask they’re both wearing – its petty questions but the answers that I’m anticipating to arrived came out not right on cue where it was needed I guess. That thing said, it kind of hinder the smooth flow of the story for me.

In all, the story has its down but for most part it’s mostly up for me. It was along read yet I enjoyed every part of it. I'll sure be looking forward for Jay's story - which I know was coming up next.