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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Who else are better to protect her against a Luxen than an Arum?

When the news and teasers about a new book from Jennifer Armentrout went out, I thought I would surely not miss it. But when I heard it was about an Arum – I think I about lose my mind. I’m really not crazy about Arums after all they’ve done on Lux series, but with the blurb, that gorgeous cover and teasers, I know there is no way I should miss it.

I'm crying over the amazing-ness of [b:Obsession|14060046|Obsession|Jennifer L. Armentrout|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1368003139s/14060046.jpg|19696664]!!

Obsession is a spin-off to the author's Lux series - it revolves around an Arum but also present here are the cooperation of Luxens and Humans and the government. I know I've said this plenty of times and I sure did gave her praises to each and every book of her that I’ve read, but again, Jennifer's writing never did fail to amaze me. Each and every time, I was easily sucked into the world she created - The well-crafted plot of her stories and how they all intertwine.

Obsession makes me question a lot of things and I really can’t help but compare it to the Lux series. Because there, we get to see the Arums as the bad guy’s - Causing havoc and harm to the Luxens, but here in Obsession we get to see a side where the Luxens are the one causing harm to the others. I learned here that on this war between the Luxens, Arums and Humans, there are no good guys and bad guys - for each one has their faults. Now, it seems like I'm the one caught in the middle of things , I’m not team anything as long as my favorite characters get what they deserve.

As I’ve said, it was etched on my mind that Arums are the villain to the story so, I never thought I'll like, swoon and fall in love with one of them! I was surprised that I find myself feeling all lovey-dovey over this Arum guy that's just so irresistible like all other characters Jennifer has created. If Cam Hamilton from Waiting For You is such a cutie, Daemon Black from the Lux series is the heartthrob, then Hunter here from Obsession is the baddest and maybe hottest bad boy. ;)

Hunter is not the typical character that you would easily like - in my case I have my doubts on him because for one he's an Arum and I know that Arums are hard to trust. But he did prove me wrong about my impression about Arums. He's arrogant, egotistic and cold. But those characteristics together with his sarcasm, cockiness, sexiness, funny side and ability to build up banter and conversations makes me love and adore him more. And just when he go over protective and alpha to Serena – Yay! *girly giggles*. There is indeed so much more to this guy, I think he's very much suited to be a Luxen himself.

Serena is another feisty character. I love that she never back down from Hunter's insults and words. She fights and banters with him all the time and I honestly enjoyed every minute of it.

Obsession was awesome. It gives me more than what I expected and I indeed expected a lot. The romance between Serena and Hunter was great, the action and well-crafted story was all so good. To say I was excited over the next books from JLA from the world of Luxens and Arums was a definite understatement! I’m overly-fan-girling-squeeling excited!!

This review and my 5 stars rating might not give enough justice for this book - but it’s the thought of trying that counts right? Pick this one up now!! You don’t need to read the Lux series to understand Hunter and Serena’s story, so what are you waiting for??

P.S If Daemon Black made an appearance how would you react? I'm sure we all miss that green-eyed guy. ;)