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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Unbeautifully Loved (Unbeautiful Life, #1) - Emma Grayson Being on the run for the past eight months is not easy for Lexie and her best friend Mollie especially when they carry with them an innocent little boy who thinks that them moving to different places is just a simple adventure. But the truth is they’re running away from her abusive ex.

All she wanted was a solid life without them moving and constantly looking over their shoulders. Lexie is definitely not deceiving herself because she knows that her ex - Dex will eventually come and find them.


I've read my fair share of Romantic-Suspense stories; Unbeautifully Loved covers these two sides - romance and suspense in a very good and catchy way. The mystery of who might be the villain on the story is what keeps me from reading it aside from the romance and that little cutie boy Finn.

Lexie met Dex in a young age of 20 while he's 3 years older than her. As any other relationship, they started good with all those sweet dates and stuffs until Dex suddenly changed. With Lexie being naïve during that time, I think that Dex sees her as an easy target to completely control over while Lexie on the other hand tolerates him for she knows that she love him and maybe in his own stupid way he do love her back.

Lexie is haunted yet beautifully damaged. She's not perfect either. But she's not the kind of character that really did stand out. She's plainly okay maybe because she has those not so good moments that make me sneer or raise my eyebrows. Her lack of confidence with herself and her decision making is one of the crossroads to her relationship with Lukas. Dex did a number on her by constantly reminding her that she's pathetic and no one else would love her and that self loathing and with her being not enough for Lukas seems to goes on and on and on the story. Another thing - how could girl protagonists always want to act so heroic by throwing their selves on dangerous situations? Maybe I'm just not brave enough to do what they do but I'm rational enough to know what is dangerous or not.

Mollie is the kind of best friend that we girls want to have and need. She's supportive, trustworthy, sees us through all our bullshit and just there for us along the way. She left the life that she has just to help her friend Lexie runaway from her abusive ex. Who does that nowadays? She's a rare kind of person making me love her more throughout the story.

Lukas Gunn - the hot sexy son of a gun cop. ;) Sexy, possessive and protective - not exactly Lexie wanted but exactly what she needed. Do I need more to elaborate on this guy? Lol.

As I've said, the mysterious part is what really sells me to this book. Who could be the big ploy making mastermind of all the things that are happening to Lexie? Is it her ex Dex? The masked man who tried to rape her on the parking lot of the bar? Or is it the new guy Erik?

But after knowing the answer to that question, I was surprised. See, I was leered away from the thinking that I have as I'm reading. I had my suspicions but it still comes a surprise yet I find funny in a way.

Dex is supposed to be the villain here right? That's what the author wants to ingrained on our minds since the beginning of the story. But then this Erik guy came, I know there is something fishy about him but I was surprised to see how he managed to arrange such ploy.

Unbeautifully Loved wraps up beautifully. I thought the story of Lukas and Lexie would be cut short since this is a series but luckily the next installment would be about new set of characters. So, if you’re into romance and suspense and mystery, be sure to pick this one up.