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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Hale Maree - Misty Provencher Who still does arrange marriages?
It's not usual, but I know there are still people, families or even tribes who do arranged marriages. It’s really not often that I get the chance to read stories scoping this subject so there is this sense of interest and intrigue in me as to how the author would convey a story with the said subject added to that is another mysterious and suspenseful event.

Since I’m already there on the story itself, I’m going to tell you guys that the story line of Halle Marre is a definite KICK-ASS!! The whole arranged marriage idea was too unused so as I’ve said I was intrigued and interested as to how the author would convey this into the story but I’m definitely glad that the author did well with it! The concept was really not believable but the author seems to have a magical storytelling skill that makes that concept believable and complete sensed. Everything from the romance to the action, to the mystery is well mixed – making the plot not forced for the readers.

The arranged marriage is not what the whole story is about, the side plot – caused by certain circumstances that leads to the arranged marriage – adds up a great mystery and hype to the story.

Oscar Marre - easy and graceful like a smoke. I was surprised to see that a character like him would have this genuine feeling of protection over his father. I know guy characters don’t usually go stumbling and succumb to their father's wishes without any protests but though Oscar didn’t jump to the situation happily he did his best to be optimistic about it - for the sake of his father and Hale's. He's kind and thoughtful and patient with Hale for he didn’t force her to do anything aside from letting him earn her trust which I thought was really nice.

Hale is scared of the unknown and is confused and angry and upset not only to her father but to everything that happened. She feels that her father sold her out for money. Though she's skittish and a bit hard to get along with - I see the true her whenever she talks with her best friend Sher.

The romance started as and easy and fun one but ended in a very romantic, deep and emotional one. Neither of the characters is jumping up and down excitedly about the situation they’re in BUT the very very good thing about it is that both parties seems met at the middle – they’re not pretty much happy about it but totally no hateful to each other. I think that kind of attitude makes it more believable. The relationship build up was so convincing and greatly done.

Hale Marre is a very unexpected but a very good contemporary read to me. It was fun and mysterious and gripping. This is my first novel written by the author and would surely not be the last. ;)