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Between Friends - Amanda Cowen Could drunken actions equal to sober wants?

Dead pan and dry sense of humor; having fathers who cheated on their mother; ate pickles for breakfast and loves spicy foods; both preferred bare feet to socks; despised Halloween and dressing up in ridiculous costumes.

The list might go on and on but those are just the things that Ben and Megan have in common. But what if they suddenly cross the line between being friends into lovers in a night of drunken haze, would it be another conquest for them or a sign that there might be something more?


It’s a universal story that boy-girl type of friendship often leads into a relationship but once you cross the line of being friends into something more there's no turning back to that. Ben and Megan's situation is nothing new - they’re long time friends who end up one night in bed together. As I go along with reading it, I might have already an idea how stories like this might end but since Megan and Ben are full of sweet and adorbs moments going through their story has been a very easy task.

Though a bit whiny, Megan is under a dilemma of having crossing the #1 rule for men and woman friendship code so I do understand her BUT what I don’t understand is her being unable to stand by her own decisions especially to the presence of her so-called best friends. I was under the impression that she simply let her friends rule her – which is a very not good attitude for a heroine. Ben is such a sweetheart. If what he does for Megan is done by every guy just to win a woman's heart - I'm ready! He never did deny his feelings for her its just that he omitted the fact that he did harbor feelings for his best friend.

Since that certain M&M’s incident on how these two met, I know their chemistry is undeniable. I also like that there is a process of acceptance for the feelings they both have for each other. I like the idea that after they’ve done the deed they didn’t jump off into a relationship at once. There are a lot more complications within it before they reach their little happiness.

My favorite part of the story though are the snippets from their past - those snippets that gives us a hint that even before their first hook-up that Ben is already harboring feelings for Megan - though Megan is oblivious to it because she sees nothing far too abnormal for how Ben acted.

The only thing that left me pretty much disappointed is the presence of those so-called supporting characters or the 3 little bitchy friends of Megan. I honestly didn’t see any kind of friendship between them, what kind of friends put their friends to complete and utter shame?

In all, 'twas another quick and likeable and adorable read.