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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The Love Game (The Game, #1) - Emma  Hart A girl plans to play the player.
The boy is dared to play the girl.
They’re pretty much playing the same game with each other.
Not one anticipated what would happen as they spend time with each other.
When the truth is out in the open would they be able to face another game? A game that comprises things that is for real now?


The concept of a girl playing the player is not really new to me - It's not that I get to read books that line with that same story flow every time but I already encountered reading such thing, so what makes it different? I guess the story progress plus the catching way the story was told is what makes me love it.

I know stories like this is not only about the game - I know that there is an underlying issue somewhere within the story and I guess I get that right because there is indeed an underlying story within this. The stories within the game they’re both playing is really good addition to it especially I get to see where Maddie is really coming from because mostly it’s her stories.
I was just a bit disappointed with the way the other underlying issue was held.
The one with Maddie's Brother; I just though it was handled easily and his brother easily let it go. I was really skeptical about that so it made me think that somewhere he would still get back
But other than that, the other stuffs were all good for me.

Maddie is the character that really blossom in the story. From the shy, timid, princess-y and almost perfect type of personality she blossomed into a confident, strong and trusting person and someone who doesn’t let her past rule her present. She hated Braden on site because he reminded her of things from her past but somewhere along the line she sees the real him.

Braden with the 'messy, sun-kissed blonde hair with natural highlights that most girls would-and do- pay a fortune for. His eyes are so blue they're almost electric, and his skin is naturally tanned from the California sunshine. He has a perfectly lean and muscular body' is the flirty playboy of the campus. His character was portrayed as the girl-playing machine making us think from the get go that he really is that type of guy but as I continue reading on his POV it makes me realize that he really is not that type of guy the author wants us to see. I see him as the guy with a heart; a guy that somewhere along the game he was playing he began to care and protect and commit and to love. He's just acting up like a typical guy - I don’t know what’s with it but I do know that he's really not the playing type of guy.

The parts where the rules of their games seem to blur with them are the parts that I enjoyed the most. Seeing them comfortable with each other without thinking of the game they’re both playing is so good. I know the chemistry between them is really there. The changes between them through their behaviors and acts you could really see that they began to see each other as more than just the game and the bets they’re both playing.

Lila, Megan and Kay - Maddie's funny, smart-mouthed, sarcastic but very supportive friends pretty much added to the lightness of this book. The friendship they all have was pretty amazing; Even though they’re the one who started up with the game. I couldn’t blame them - they did that to push Maddie out of her shell and that’s for her very own benefit.

The games that Maddie and Braden played made them realize that each one of them needed someone that they could be with, who could understand and trust with. The Love Game is one beautifully played story of game. Yay!