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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy

She gets him. He gets her.
Together they might be a fucked up mess but sometimes, in the mess, you can find something amazing.

I'm still amazed with Monica Murphy's way with words.
The quotations, descriptions, words and the total story is what sells me into reading One Week Girlfriend and now that the second book has arrived (after the mighty ending of OWG I might add), I'm still amazed and surprised that the author's way of writing on the first book was maintained through here. The quotations, descriptions, words and the total story captivated me and I'm so so so happy about it!!

With the way OWG has ended and how this book started I was expecting a hard and complicated reconciliation between Fable and Drew but happily it didn’t get too long. They get back together in such a way that we could all see that they clearly can’t resist each other. Once they saw each other once again all the events, hatred and anger they felt seems to vanish. They simply just can’t resist each other and the pull of attraction is just undeniable and hot hot hot.

The characters are still oh so alive and kickin'.

Drew Callahan - oh my Baby Drew Callahan. He's complicated and hard to read and withdraws for other at the same time loving and caring. This is his story on conquering the things that he carries within him. I think I haven’t mentioned it on my review of OWG but I find it really good and intriguing that in here our guy is the one who is flawed. At least it paves off a little bit to the mainstream road of stories that surfaces these days where the girl protagonists are the broken ones.

Fable is the girl! She proved here how loving and understanding and kind and strong and classy she could get here. I think I might harbor a little "girl-crush" on her now. ;)
Fable has no choice but to take care of her baby-brother Owen when there absentminded mother is out there somewhere. She has no choice but to be the responsible one and I do admire her for that. Though her heart broke and things seem to go slow with her life when Drew left her - she did her best to go on with the life she’s living. She handles things rightly and I do admire her for all she did here - for Drew and Owen.

Their chemistry - do I need to clarify more of that? Just read it and you'll know what does the words chemistry and sparks and electricity and sizzling and hot means to the relationship of these two. ;)

The phrase "Second Chance" was clearly emphasized on the story.
Let's face it - Second Chances are hard to give for doubts may still linger in our minds especially with cases like Drew. He ran away and left things at bay with Fable - giving a second chance to him might be a little too hard. (No matter how handsome or hot he is) But he and Fable manage to handle things and find the reconciliation they needed.

I don't know if I could consider this as a bad thing or a good one but at last couple of chapters - I was expecting for another shoe to drop uhm something more loud and bombing I think. It was expected that the lady bitch would be the last complication to the story but I think there could be something more – a bit more surprising I think.Plus there is also a part of the story that hasn't been resolved - a major part of it.
Is Drew really the father of that bitch's child?

It's hard to stop reading this. One pleasurable read indeed. Is it bad to want more of Drew and Fable? I'm not requesting for another book about them because I'm much contented with how this one ended BUT an extended epilogue could be a very nice treat for us readers - right oh?
So, if you haven’t read One Week Girlfriend better pick that one up now and follow Second Chance Boyfriend ASAP; A series that is truly worth reading you guys!