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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire IT'S ALL WORTH THE WAIT!

All the waiting for the cover, blurb, excerpts, pre-order and arc openings. It's all so worth it.

Two years. I waited two long years for this book to finally come out! To say I was excited was an understatement. I was beyond excited! I was peeing-in-my-pants-I-just-can’t-wait-excited! Why wouldn’t I be excited? We could finally get inside the head of The Travis Maddox and he’s the one I consider as my first ever book-boyfriend so squeal for the excitement and expectations.

Walking Disaster follows exactly the plot line of Beautiful Disaster but the new lines and dialogues and parts makes my reading experience seems like I was reading an entirely new book. If I haven’t read the first book, Walking Disaster could be considered a stand-alone one.

The Prologue was pretty powerful. I guess this is the part that I loved the most. It’s a great way to open up the story of Travis. Just from the Prologue you could immediately understand where he's coming from and as the story progress you get to see the meaning behind his actions. Reading this story in Travis head opens me up to understanding his anger management issues, possessiveness, fighting, his perception about love and relationships and his hot and cold feelings about Abby - which leads me into the conclusion that Travis Maddox is indeed a Softie - vulnerable and can feel things and could easily be hurt.

In beautiful Disaster I do hate some or most of Abby's decisions but there I tend and tried to understand her situations since her arguments are valid but I’m not entirely saying that I loved her there but she indeed does things that are likeable and not so likeable. Upon reading this I get to see the side that we see only glimpses on the first book – the parts where she inflicted great pain to Travis. I’m pro-Travis all the way so maybe I'm being biased but she hurt him in countless ways. I ache for every thing that this girl does and says that causes our guy to be miserable - the continuous push and pull on their relationship is too much. Mostly, I ache for those simple gestures that Travis does for her that seems nothing to her but very much a big thing for him.

Since Walking Disaster is the other side of the story – It’s not only Travis that we get to see here becasue we also get to see more of Shepley - I honestly find myself enjoying his parts and his relationship with America! Oh and how he's secretly this hopelessly romantic guy. ;)

Oh and Parker - You guys should remember him. You would also get to know his TRUE story here.

The Maddox Family rules this book! I love their manly bond with each other - From their father to the sons. Hmm. I'm honestly looking forward in reading about Travis' brother’s story. They quite picked up my interest after reading this one.

I gave Walking Disaster 5 star rating but that doesn’t mean I don't have a bit of hesitations or comments or not so good thing about it such as:

Why Travis is head-over-heels in love with Abby? I know he finds his peace with her and stuff like that but I don't think the story justified as to why Abby really caught the heart of Travis. I only get to see her not so good side here.

Another thing, I continuously say that this is in Travis's POV right? Then why does it feel like I get to hear Abby here from time to time? I know the other side of the story is there but the voice of the story pretty much sounds like Abby (I feel like it since I do a review reading of Beautiful Disaster before reading this one)

The Epilogue - Honestly I'm gushing over it! I like it in a very good way but I'm pretty much skeptical about it in another. No matter how much I love the HEA on it I was left confused about that certain twist to it, I don’t know its relevance or the importance of it. I was satisfied ye but I just can't quite figure out why the sudden opening of that epilogue. I understand the need to put that first part of the epilogue but it seems to be misplaced on the story – maybe it’s a hint that there could be more for this? Even though the ending screamed the end already? I don’t know. I just don’t think that first part of the epilogue is much needed.

Travis Maddox is one of those characters that made its mark on me and would surely and always have a space in my heart - he's forever etched into it. I believe that it is possible to love Travis Maddox more after reading this one! Walking Disaster is like taking a step back into a world that you’re oh so familiar with. You would surely, laugh, smile, swoon, ache but definitely enjoy every minute of it! I just love Travis Maddox!