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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines Holy sweet potatoes!

Is it too weird to say I've Fallen Too Far with Fallen Too Far?
Abbi Glines once again sizzle us with those steamy scenes and great story, but the ending?! Oh My, why do I get to read books with those epic cliffhangers by the end?

Once again, Abbi Glines make us all sizzle with this new novel of hers. Because Of Low was my ultimate favorite Abbi Glines novel and I'm happy to say that Fallen Too Far already ranks as my second! The cover is very much attractive and the story actually lived up to its description.

Blaire has lost so much in a short time - her sister, mother and home. Now, she has no other choice but to ask her father for a temporary place to stay in a short time until she can get on her own. She thought that staying with him could at least lighten things up for her but she finds herself in a more complicated doo-doo where secrets, humiliation and judging surround her everyday. Then she met Rush, the one person that makes me feels happy and lighten things up for her but he also has his own secrets - Secrets that can ruin what they have together.

I love Blaire the minute she put her gun out and scared the bejeesus out of Grant. In a short span of time she suffered greatly but she stay strong, independent, smart and still loving. I know people might get annoyed with her innocent and such sweet persona but there’s something about her that is really admirable. She’s just genuine; she’s tough yet very sweet and loving.

Rush is a new addition to my fictional boyfriend list because…Just because (read this and maybe you'll understand me). He's the son of a famous rock star and a little more aged than Blaire so he's more experienced about things. Yet he stays loyal to his family and very passionate and loving guy. It takes time for me to really like him because he’s rude and very annoying at the beginning but once he opens up who he really is its easy to let it all fall for him.

Their relationship was not easy - as the usual of Ms.Glines’ story. But the complication that lies within this story is much deeper. Their relationship was intense and the chemistry was just oozing.
Fallen Too Far was a bit different from other books by Abbi Glines but the essentials are still here though - great characters, romance, hot scenes and cliff hangers. :) The story was very unpredictable in a sense that you could tell that there is something wrong with the situation but you would never get to guess what it really was until the revelation stage.

I honestly thought this was a stand alone book so I was a bit surprised to find it to be a part of a series and I hate to admit it but I really do want to see what happens next, so next book please come out nowwwww!! :))