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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Let's face it, Waiting For You doesn’t have the most original or unique plot out there because stories like this are becoming too mainstream nowadays but still I devoured reading this as much as Cam devoured Avery. ;)

Cameron Hamilton.
What am I supposed to do with you and your baked goodies?
I've see comments from people who have read this that Cam is now added to their list of fictional hubby/boyfriends, at first I’m thinking what could be so different with this guy? But after reading his story, I think I’m getting the drift of those ladies now. Could this guy get more perfect? I haven’t seen anything wrong about him all throughout my reading. All I’ve seen is this guy who is nice, sweet, funny, charming, thoughtful, arrogant, upfront, relentless and confident and many other adjectives that are too long to list over here. Add to those is that this guy knows how to bake awesome cookies and other goodies and has a tortoise pet named Raphael. He also have done things from the past that he regrets so now he comes off as this new guy : a reformed player - I get this hesitant feels for him at the beginning but his continuous persistence in wooing Avery is enough to prove that he is truly dedicated in taking care of her.

Avery Morgansten.
You surprised me girl in a very good way. Yes, she's the typical naive, virgin, traumatized girl but what really makes me like her is her strong personality. She’s able to get away from her parents and from her past thinking that she wants to pursue her own life’s desires. She may come off as selfish and lonesome but once her shells broke she has this light and loyalty and love to the people who become her friend. Oh and I like her awkward yet adorable attitude.

Another thing that surprised me is her ability to say no to Cam not only once, twice or three times but countless of times for about three months. (I mean this as a compliment) Jeez. How could she handle the pressure that a guy like Cam carries? He’s like a walking angel too prefect and too good to be real. Yes she has trust issues and very closed off but c’mon she’s still a girl. I’m with Jacob and Brit on this one - I would go out with Cam in a snap of a finger if I could. But seriously, the way she keeps saying no to Cam shows how really affected she is about what happened to her a few long years ago.

The instant attraction is there but the love part? It didn’t come easily though I know it would eventually lead up there. Their relationship has this steady pace that allows us reader to absorb each and every tingling moment they have. Plus the build-up is too much to handle! Their smart-ass banter with each other will surely keep you entertained.

The main subject of the story was a very sensitive one and I really feel uncomfortable about it. This isn’t that first book I've read with that same topic but I just don’t usually like reading about those stuffs – I can’ t grasp the idea of someone being able to do that and simply getting away from it due to the persons fame and fortune. The topic is very much realistic and I know these stuffs happen but I hate how Avery's parents handled that situation and I hope none of that happen in the realistic aspect of it.

Things happen in the spur of the moment and I like the spontaneity of Cam and Avery's relationship. The writing style was very effective and engaging plus the very lovable characters will surely never get you bore. A little bit of pet peeve, I'm aiming for a little twist somewhere, because as I've said this doesn’t have the most original plot so a little of a happy twisty surprise would’ve worked.

In all, I enjoyed reading Waiting For You - A story that revolves around second chances, moving-on, forgiveness, waiting and love. And Oh, Is this a stand alone book? Well, I hope not there are a lot more characters that needed their stories and I'm not yet ready to let go of the set of people introduced here.