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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Dare You To - Katie McGarry Finally, the sequel to Pushing The Limits is here. I did enjoy Noah and Echo's story and the waiting was a little bit long for Beth's story to arrive but I'm telling you guys it's really worth the wait!

It all started with a bet.

Beth knows before hand that guys like him don’t go for girls like her but Ryan takes her by surprise. He's like a force that she can't keep but be pulled in and she find herself falling for the jock again.

Ryan knows that girls like her are hard to be with and doesn’t do well with guys like him but Beth also takes him by surprise. She finds himself face up with a girl who stands on what she believes and doesn’t care what people thinks and has a lot of walls within her and he fins himself falling for the girl who started only as a dare.

They both come from different cloth yet they find themselves drawn into one another. Two people who are left by people who meant the most to them and now they’re faced with each other will it all be just a dare?


Beth is the type of character that you would either love or hate. She is one of the most complex characters I ever encountered with her continuously running away from things. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her as long as she's doing her own thing. She enjoys blowing people off because its fun. Witty and sarcastic and smart mouthed. She's a very strong character and is very hard to put up through. She's tough and seems to be afraid of nothing but behind that she's vulnerable, soft and broken hearted and she’s trying her best to hide it all. She’s still a young at heart who wants simple things in life but can’t seem to put it into action because she’s left to be the responsible one for her mother’s sake. I know her mom was a bitch but if I was on the place as Beth I would’ve done the same things.

Ryan is the rich boy that has everything - member of the baseball team, famous and hot. His family is well known in their town. Ryan is very much different from other jocks that I had the chance to read because he’s the only jock I’ve read that is still a virgin! I was surprised that it was the other way around on this read it was new and it was good. His family has this good reputation to the society but what the public see is very far from what is real. The truth is that their family is full of cracks - His father was manipulative, his mother is a silent shadow to their father and his brother left them. He’s charming and determined and very much persistent into getting what he set his eyes into.

There is a progress in Ryan and Beth story. The build up and anticipation is there unlike the other insta-love type that is famous on storyboards these days. What started out as a bet ended up as something else. Ryan ended up finding more about Beth behind all the smart-mouth remarks. And Beth find that Ryan is not the typical jock that you encounter – he’s since and trustful. Their relationship is very far from perfect but like the waiting on this sequel it’s all worth the wait.

Isaiah - I can't go on with this review without mentioning him. I was given the impression during the first book that Isaiah and Beth would be together but in this book I was proven wrong. At first I was surprised because Ryan is like no one to the first book and Isaiah and Beth was there already but after reading this I find the light as to why they didn’t end up with each other.

Isaiah is a very important part of Beth’s life and he's been there for her all through the way. It was a clean break for the both of them but I was still hurt and broken for him. But on the bright side I'm looking forward to his story and the preview given at the end of this book to be story looks promising. Really really promising. ;)

Dare You To is a good sequel to this series so if you haven’t read any books to this series what are you waiting for? Pick them up now!! Oh and to the author, please continue doing stories such as this.

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin (UK) Limited for providing an advance copy for review.