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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston I love every tiny bit of this book!

I hope the statement above give you a jump start on how I really feel about reading this. I plan to write my review about this read with that statement just written over and over again thinking that that would be enough for you to check it out but I guess I could still share other insights about it to push you more to read this because it was sooooo worth it! I know the year just started and there are way lot more books to come out but I know Rules for Disappearing would appear to be one of the best for me this year.

A story wherein the main characters are under witness protection is a new field for me so reading this is like taking a leap of faith or running blindly or stuff but one thing I know is that it's premise is overly fascinating and I know I have to read it. I'm telling you guys, no other YA book has ever played tricks on my mind like this one - strong, original and fascinating!

"Meg", along with her family is always on the run. They change names as they change locations. They have no permanent residence, name and even friends and Meg is getting tired of that kind of life and soon they arrive at their latest placement she planned to know the whole truth on why they’re living this way. She will unravel the truth one way or another.

Meg is a very levelheaded girl. She came aloof and bitchy to other people but to her family especially her little sister she's the best as she can be. I admire her strength and courage. She's trying her best to be a bitch to the new people she meets to avoid attachment but when she met Ethan her walls started to collapse. Her voice telling the story was so strong and gripping that I easily get wrapped up in her world.

Teeny is such a vulnerable little girl but is able to stand on what she wants and believes. She depended on Meg greatly. Their mom was a great disappointment to both of them; she started to get alcoholic because of their constant placements. I get mad at her yes but I also feel sorry for her.

Ethan and the other friends Meg made during their latest placement was a great bunch of people. They’re all welcoming (maybe expect Emma - Ethan's twin sister) but with them Meg feels welcomed and with their constant concern for her they gave her a reason to really want her old life back.

At the beginning of every chapter there are rules written - witness protection rules to be exact. Rules should be followed and Meg really does try her best to follow it but with her intense itch and curiosity to get to the end of things some of these rules ended up broken.

The mystery just about killed me. I'm not even around the half of reading it I'm already itching to know the truth! I really did my best to think of reasons why they’re on witness protection and I came up with some ideas but none of them are correct and not anywhere near it. lol. The mystery itself was already worth reading.

How did the book ended? Well, it ended in a good way because things got settled but on another note there are still some questions that are left unanswered.

Who the crap is Agent Thomas? He's a creepy dude and his stalking ability with Meg really bugs my mind. The flower and the journal handed out to Meg on those last pages of the book really creeps me out! Just his mere identity is enough to tickle my imagination on who he really is and what his intentions are.

A strong, fascinating and one of a kind premise plus fascinating characters and you will get Rules for Disappearing. Please do yourself a favor and read this one!! :)

PS. I heard that the author is already on the planning stage of the sequel to this book. Me excited? Definitely!!

Thanks to Netgalley and Disney Book Group for providing an advance copy for review