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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Perfectly Unmatched - Liz Reinhardt In reading, we all get to the point where we're torn from loving or hating a book. Well, now I'm on that dilemma with Perfectly Unmatched.

The Youngblood family is perfectly good on the outside but once you’re inside or one of them you could see the imperfectness to it. With Winchester (from Fall Guy) being the former fall guy of the family, Perfectly unmatched gives us the story of the glue to this family – Benelli Youngblood.

Taking care of her family is her first priority. Her own life may be put to trash just as longs as she may be able to help her father and mother that's why she was set off to Hungary to find a suitable man to work with her father and would also be a husband to her. But then plans are put into halt when she met Cormac.

Now here's my dilemma:

I really like Benelli. I like the strong façade that she puts up just to hold her family together. Reading her story made me like her more because I get to see the life that she’s living in – which for me is completely like hell.
But at the same time, she also annoys with her endless I-need-to-get-married-coz-my-father-needs-soebody-to-manage-the-business-bla-blah. This subject is the main attraction to this story but it rubs off into me. I know she really really really needs to find a man and blah blah but if she really need to do that why not put up with the first guy that fits the category she’s looking for? It’s a tough decision I know, but when worse comes to worse she cannot afford to be choosy.

Cormac, on the other hand makes me feel like a dreamy little girl who sits near a window watching beautiful scenery while he's reading sonnets and poems to me. From the get go, I was really rooting for him to sweep Benelli off her feet and he really did that. He was understanding and a great guy till the end but I don't think he did enough to prove himself on the story. He didn’t need to prove anything to me but I guess he just didn’t do anything remarkable that would make me feel at awe with him. Yes, he stands by Benelli all throughout but there is still a huge lacking portion to his character I just cannot place my finger on it.

Contradicting right opinions about the characters eh?? Though I'm under a dilemma with them, one thing I know for sure is how fucked up Mr. and Mrs. Youngblood. I already caught a glimpse of their family on the first book, but I didn’t get to see them as clear as this. The way they treat Benelli was literally insane. It was a hard case of emotional manipulation! Benelli is already a lady who is capable of living on her own and making her own decision but they treat her as if she’s still a young incapable lady. They try to manipulate her like a puppet. I know they would say that they’re doing this for her good but God! They’re manipulating people and that falls under the insane category!

Mr. and Mrs. Youngblood is one of the most effective villain characters I’ve ever read they really get on my nerves. I simply hate their insane side. Anyhow, I'm expecting to see what Mr. and Mrs. Youngblood were really up to, but unluckily I still don’t know. I hope the upcoming books to this series would enlighten me on why Mr. and Mrs. Youngblood acts like that to their children. Being blunt and all, they’re so fucked up.

Perfectly Unmatched was okay. I'm not that satisfied but it was good because Benelli did get her HEA. I'm still looking forward on the upcoming books tho.