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Independence - Shelly Crane

"Baby, I've said it a million times and I'll continue to say it 'til my last breath… You're amazing"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I hate endings and after the long wait Maggie and Caleb's story finally reached its conclusion. I could say that I'm happy that they already reached their HEA but the not so happy part about it is that I would surely miss them and the little world they create.

Independence picked up right where book 3 (Defiance) left off. Maggie and Caleb can’t still get a break from it all. All they wanted was to get home, get married and go to college instead what they got is series of problems along the way. When one problem gets solved another one arises. They’ve both been through a lot for a short span of time and I want to cry for both of them at times because they both can’t seem to take a break from it all. The good thing about this is that Maggie and Caleb's love for each other remains on this story; not only remains but also deepens. Both of their family became more united in facing their trials and they all work as one. Reading about all those characters once again makes me feel nostalgic.

It was a good conclusion to the series but there are things that I feel kinda off about, for instance, Caleb and Maggie get married together with the other love teams of their family – It’s a good gesture for Maggie to do that but I want her and Caleb to have their own special day. And I think the other couples also wanted that for themselves but whatever they didn’t seem to complain.

With that I suddenly felt that this final installment to the series was fully loaded. It’s good that the story has a lot of things to it but it also tends to be rushed and packed all at once. I get the feeling that a lot could still happen and some details are easily forgotten.

My contradicting review aside, I could say this is very good way to end a blissfully good series! Good job!

PS. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the author to give us an epilogue on how Maggie and Caleb’s future would look with their children and growing old together stuff. ;)