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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Forever My Girl - Heidi  McLaughlin I’ll start this off by saying:

Hey Liam Page! I want to be your Forever Girl!

Now that I get that out off my system let’s head off to the review. I honestly have high expectations for this book – with continuous raves and high ratings I’m definitely curious about it and people, my 5 stars rating to this book seems to say it all and I just adore everything about this story and if I decided to write it down on this review it would take us awhile. I hate messy, struggling, and complicated stories because it makes me feel messy, makes me struggle and feels complicated - All at the same time. This book have all those things in here and I honesty don’t really know why I still like this to the extent level of rating.

My Forever Girl is a story written with great fluidity. The story was full of description of things and dialogues and inner monologues and makes me want to hold on to it more. The story was not just about a guy who makes a mistake and comes running back to fix things - instead it was about a guy who follows his dream but made a mistake by not taking the most precious thing in his life which is his girl. Then a death brings him to back to his hometown and to her. He didn’t stop loving her but she did seem to move on now. The story has multiple sides and each of those sides tickles my curiosity and holds into me not wanting to let go until I discover what really hides behind it.

Liam is just really what I pictured him as I read the book description. There is definitely not a way you would not be charmed by him while reading this in fact you could immediately swoon on his lap. He's a rock star but there is this gentleness inside him. He could easily hide his feeling to the people around him but when it comes to Josie the real guy surfaces in. His deep love for Josie was exceptional and makes me cry from time to time because I just feel that the love he has for Josie was rare and true add out the fact that he still calls Jo "my girl" definitely knocks the oxygen out of me.

Josie compliments Liam greatly. She's a very strong woman who stands on her beliefs and stands on her ground and looks out for herself. Though it makes the story complicated I like how she didn’t immediately fall into Liam’s arm when he returns. I like that she keeps things on her own and the way he place him in his place was really good for him.

Liam and Josie's story is just exceptional. It was bittersweet and I did cry and laugh with them all throughout. I feel their struggles and pain but I also feel the deep love they both feel for one another. I really love seeing glimpses of their relationship from the past - makes me swoon more. Their chemistry was undeniable and it is given that even after a long time they haven’t seen each other that the attraction was still there. They didn’t easily give in to each other attraction but their attempts on resisting it was so fun to watch and it makes me want to hold on to their story more

Sigh, even after days of reading it, I still finding myself browsing this read from time to time. I just can’t help to reminisce every moment of this book especially those last several pages. I want to go into more details but I don’t wan to spoil you. No, it was not a perfect read and you could easily question things that happened here but the fact that the story was so genuine and the love between the characters envelopes the whole story is enough for me because I’m a hopeful Romantic.

My Forever Girl would makes you laugh and cry and experience a rare kind of love that you could remember too well.