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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
I Love You to Death - Natalie Ward ”Every situation you find yourself in can go in any number of different possible directions. All it takes in one little trigger and something changes. One thing which at the same time might seem like nothing important but actually, has the power to change everything and that change can be good or bad.”

Death is something inevitable, something we can't avoid, can't be put off and can't be stopped and can happen when we least expected it and death has been the story of Ash's life. People who are very close to her heart is being taken away by death And because of the fear of causing pain and hurt to other people she decided to distant herself from any relationships. Not until her new persistent co-worker Luke stumbles into her life and into her heart and never wants to walk out.

The subject of Death never did fascinate me but there is something about this book that simply pulls me into it even if the story was mostly occupied by it. From the beginning of reading it I almost started weeping. The story was very much unique for me and its just so different, ever chapter, dialogues and word shoot at me and I feel every single bit of it. The story which was told in Ash's POV from the present and gives us a flashback of the deaths in her life was so raw and I easily dived into the story of her life.

Asha is a very deep character; she immediately welcomed me in her world. I was easily pulled with her emotions, pain and loss. She's lonely and miserable. In such a young age she loss a number of people who are dearly close to her heart and she feels indirectly responsible for it - She's not a killer or such you guys, she's just involved and does things that eventually lead them to death maybe she's just on the wrong place at the wrong time but she did not do it on purpose. She never intend for things to end in such tragic ways but maybe with fate’s little twist she ends up on that situation – a situation where she clearly want to clear out of after losing her last love Sam.

I really do feel bad for her and I felt for her in every way. She's a very loving girl who should have live a normal happy life with people close to her instead she lost them in a short time. I understand her restraint in starting relationships with other people, her sadness and skittishness.

Luke came in the picture when Ash just lost her boyfriend Sam. I'm immediately drawn to him because I know he would be the one to save Ash from the misery she's living in because he could easily see behind her walls. I really like that he respected her, cared enough for her and give her time to let things heal and he never did pushed and pressure her, he’s just there for Ash to listen, stand by her side, be patient and kind and he gave Ash what she’s really looking for – Hope. Oh, he also has this rock star side and he bakes cupcakes! :)

Their relationship slowly developed. Things are not rushed and everything about their relationship was sincere and heartfelt. I really love seeing them blossom into something. I crave for more of them.

Mia, Luke's little sister and Jared his bestfriend also caught my radar and also rooting for the both of them and I heard that the author is on the process of writing their story so I'm pretty much excited for it! :)

I love You To death is a very romantic story but not reaching the sappy limit; A very simple yet one of a kind story that would surely capture and shoot daggers into your heart.

PS. There would be sequel to this story told in Luke's POV, see previews here. Enjoy! :)