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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1) - Liz Reinhardt Fall Guy - The guy who is left with the blame for a crime, regardless of whether they were involved or not.

"I will never break your heart. I will never hurt you. I might fuck up, I might not be perfect, but I'll never hurt you, Evan. You have my word."

I have the Brenna Blixen Series but I haven’t found the time to read it because I think the story was too complicated for me and it’s just long, but after reading Fall Guy I come to think that I should definitely read that one because it’s a spin-off to this story and the main character there Brenna Blixen was the main character’s best friend here, so I want to see how Evan was like on those stories.

Evan Williams Lennox comes through a hard family drama what with her parents not giving her much attention and she’s off living with her loving grandparents. Top it all off with her boyfriend cheating with her ex-best friend, it definitely got out of hand and burning stuffs that reminds her of him lands her into court.

Evan was a smart, sassy and funny character. She’s the bad-party-girl that ends up being a good one. She’s a very compose character yet has those distinct qualities that makes her unforgettable at the same time likeable.

Winchester Tobar Youngblood is - freaking' hot – and is whatever anyone needs. By disturbing the peace and public intoxication he also ends up in court. But he isn’t really that guy. He's just the good guy caught on a very bad situation.

Okay, my first thought of him was this really bad-boy persona but he really isn’t that. Winch surprises me with him being responsible, dependable and as what I’ve said whatever anyone needs (especially to his family) . He puts his families need in front of his own and didn’t see that it was so wrong until Evan lands on his life. I really do feel bad for him being obligated to do stuffs for his family I feel bad for him being obligated to do stuffs for his family, I know you should do things for your family but with Winch it became a responsibility an obligation that could ruin his own life.

When these two meet, sparks immediately fly. The attraction with them was potent and deep so when they end up on the same community service the attraction grew more. Their flirting was really steamy and swoony to read and Winch's resistant to Evan's little flirting was so cute.

Things between them are so complicated; Evan isn’t sure if she wants to risk and get hurt by a guy again and Winch was uncertain if he wants his happy ever after with Evan or risks it all for his family.

There are parts that these two made me teary eyed. The times when Winch leaves Evan to go to his family almost breaks my heart. I know he doesn’t want to leave her in the middle of their date but he cant also left behind his family’s needs. The game Never, Always, Sometimes is one of the most hitting scenes in the story. I admit, it sounds easy but the game itself was obviously hard at the same time very much fitting for the story.

In all, Fall guy is a good read. The story was unique and very much unpredictable.I'll definitely find more time to read Liz Reindhart’s other stories! Yay! :)