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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Wallbanger - Alice Clayton WARNING:
Don't ever read this on a public place or else you'll end up like me, looking silly to a bunch of people when I unintentionally burst in a fit of laughter, smile unknowingly while clutching my reading material. And I mean all of this as a compliment! haha.


Looks sometimes could be very deceiving.
I started this book thinking that this would be another one of those typical contemporary novels full of steamy sexy scenes or whatnot related to that, a complication arise and then the main characters fall in love and they live happily ever after blah, so I was really shocked above average to find this book unique and hilariously fun and enjoying! It is in fact one of the most hilariously fun read I've done for this year. The first 10 pages really hooked me and oh man it never did let me escape all throughout the story.

Caroline is a crazy storyteller and I really do love her honesty and being blatant about saying things. She's serious in her line of work and I really do think she do the best of it. She's crazy and funny and witty and did I say funny? She makes me laugh every single time! Even her cat Clive acts like her. Speaking of Clive the cat, oh my he's honestly one of the most memorable pet I've ever read! He's crazy just like his feeder (as what she refers to her). I'm not really a cat-type of person but I think owning a pet like Clive would be fun! Another thing I admire to her is her friend ship with Mimi and Sophia, they have this crazy type of friendship yet fun and very sisterly.

I was really doubtful with Simon's character at first. Of course, I was taken aback with all the wall banging he's doing, and honestly I easily judged him as a man-whore type because hello, he’s banging different girls every night! But it was good to find my judgment false, yes he’s banging different girls every night but there’s this a part of him that is concealed by his womanizing acts and that’s what Caroline also sees in him and I also see that as the story goes. It seems like he's the boy version of Caroline. He's also funny and sweet all at once. Sigh.

The premise of the story was pretty unique for me. Honestly, when the wall banging starts and continues for the next few days, I become really curious to what really is happening there. I know that that things is happening but there’s this small part of my brain that thinks that maybe that is not what is really happening there and the extent of my imagination to what is happening to the other part of the wall was too long. So anyhow, the story flow was unpredictable for me. The story was not just about the wall banging itself because the wall banging is just the start of it and once the story really starts to unfold it is really very interesting. I know Simon and Caroline would be together but the things that happened between the stories still surprises me and some of them are pretty swoon worthy! Behold for the text messages between Caroline and Simon and their trip to Spain! :)

In all, Wallbanger is one massive fun thing to read. You would surely enjoy reading this. Oh and be aware of my warning at the beginning of my review, It would really do help you. ;)