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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Disastrous - E.L. Montes I'll kick this off by saying that the cover sold me this book. The girl with a deep emerald eyes really do catch my attention then I read the blurb and it also caught my attention plus the 4+ rating here on goodreads, I decided why not take time to read this. This is my first encounter with the author and I really don't know what the story would bring me.

Now, the Prologue really really really got me! My action nerves immediately kicked alive upon reading that part and I find myself craving for more and so the story starts...

Mia just lost another essential person to her life but she transforms the loneliness and sorrow and frustration that she feels into focusing on her career and studies - she's a freshman Harvard Law student after all. When she was given the chance to extern at one of the top firms she became excited and nervous but surprised when she met her new boss - young, rich and successful - Marcus De Luca.

Marcus De Luca is young, rich and famous but she's been living this two sided life for a time now. A lawyer by day and a mobster at night? Who would’ve thought? One, is the one involve with his successful business and career the other side was the one that could potentially ruin his image and reputation.

They met and slowly begin to fall in love but there are heartbreaks, loss, lies and betrayal, will they both conquer the Disastrous path that they’re both taking?

Mia and Marcus are a pretty hot mess together. Their feelings for one another were great and they really do make sense together, they have this roller coaster kind of relationship. Honestly, I find myself a bit lost around the middle of the story because Mia and Marcus's relationship seems to be heading somewhere too fast and I intend to assume how things would happen next but Oh Boy, I never really know when but when things happened I suddenly became hooked again.

Marcus’ secret identity is the most appealing element of the story. I find myself questioning who he really is despite knowing that he is really a good and genuine kind of guy who loves his family and Mia without a cause. The mystery behind his character was enough for me to continue reading just to get to the bottom of it and know who he really is and upon reaching that bottom I still find myself questioning it and then I once again find myself continuously reading and it’s effective that I immediately finished reading this book.

The bit down-side of reading for me here is the semi resemblance to FSoG. I really can’t help but compare it to that since Disastrous also involves the story of a young career girl who suddenly falls in love with a young-rich-famous guy plus there are also those intimate scenes. But the similarities I think end there, Disastrous holds a more mysterious plot that was beyond gripping.

A bit bumpy and predictable first chapters but totally worth reading throughout; A story full of intense emotions, roller coaster kind of relationship, suspense and deep secrets, Disastrous would surely hold your interest, looking forward to the next book!