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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Undercover Professor - December Gephart
I would never laugh at you, Lucy. Listen to me. I love you.” His voice broke.
She sobbed out a breath. “Is that supposed to fix things? Three little words and poof, it’s all better?”

Every girl has their own set of standards or potential rules and qualities for their boyfriends or future boyfriends to follow. Like Lucy. She's determined to continue following the rules and standards she set until Andy/Drew Sullivan came into picture.

Despite him being entirely wrong and doesn’t meet any of her rules, she cannot stray away from him and his presence.

He misses Every.Single.Thing. on Lucy's list but he's the only one capable of giving her the zing.

But like promises, rules are sometimes made to be broken, aren’t they?


First of, I can't understand the gaming thing presented on this book! All I know is that Andy was doing some research thing that is connected to some gaming thing and so even the tidbit references to it don’t make sense to me. At All. But as I read through it and what with the fast and unusual first meeting of Lucy and Andy in the laundry room, I'm glad I continue reading it and found out that Undercover Professor was a fun, quick read, short yet sexy read. It was one of those reads that I'm not entirely blown away but its also not that bad, in fact it was good. So I’m about halfway there (which explains my 3 stars rating).

The relationship between the main characters was instant and the fact that they’re both in a relationship (though not officially) was a bit off for me though I really can't deny that the chemistry between them was oozing with intensity. Though I didn’t actually foresee what would happen on the story, I know for a fact that the main conflict here will be Drew keeping his true identity. It’s quite predictable.

Becca annoys and makes me laugh all at the same time. She annoys me with her inability to at least listen and comprehend what Andy was telling her because once she latch her attention to something its pretty much hard and even impossible for her to let go. I found myself laughing at times because of her delusional rants about her boyfriend dilemmas and ever after stuffs.

I laugh, feel sad, shook my head, cough and mostly want to shake the peas out of its characters but It was a good read tho so don't hesitate to pick this one up.

Thanks to Carina Press and Netgalley for providing a copy for review.