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Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan
"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi"
(I will either find a way or make one)

Unravel me is one of those books that I'm really looking forward too and I have this great expectations with it because the blurb of the book offers a lot to us. The cover was attracting, the premise wherein a Psychology major student studies an amnesia patient who is accused of murder and being suddenly involved with one another sounded cool and new plus the whole unraveling of the past of the guy. Who could resist a book who sounded very nice as it is? But unluckily things get a bit off from time to time and it didn’t carry that nice and awesome intro all through the story.

Logan was the amnesia guy. His mysterious past really kept me reading this story. I want to know things about him like where did he came from? What does his tattoos mean? Or does he even have a family. But being accused as a murderer, is that the real him? As the story progress we could see that he is a historical genius and extremely talented when it comes to drawings and arts. My curiosity with his story really kept me hanging on this read.

Ashlyn did get me confused and leaves a lot of questions to me. Her decision making was really doubtful. Who in their right mind would let themselves be left in a small room with a person who is accused of murder and doesn’t remember anything? And she even tells the guards to un-cuff him. Is she that brave or something? I just don’t get her decision making most of the time. Though her great concern for Logan was exceptional I just find it pretty unbelievable.

I find the insta-love between Ashlyn and Logan very weird and unlikely because through the first parts of the book there's not much interaction between them. In one moment theyre just sitting on a hospital room and then Tada! In another moment they’re together and living in a single house. I get her dedication and concern with him but doesn’t she even feel a bit hesitant with letting him stay with her? Alone? I just don’t get her decision making skill.

There are also several issues on the story that wasn’t explained sufficiently in my opinion. Some of them are Ashylyn's dark childhood, the warehouse incident with Logan (it was not fully explained and I'm really expecting to be given the full details about that situation since it seems to be the core of Logan’s past) and the final result of Ashylyn's thesis paper wasn’t even mentioned. The story focuses on the unraveling of Logan’s true identity and Ashylyn’s search for herself or something like that; those are important notes on the story but the things I’ve mentioned are also needed because I think it would also help for the enhancement of the whole story so that it would feel full and the gaps be covered. My questioning mind just needed some answers.

Unravel me was an okay quick light read. There are quite a few people who extremely love this story but it just doesn’t connect and work out with me. It was okay for me, so just check it out to see what I mean.