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Just for Now (Sea Breeze, #4) - Abbi Glines Is it just me or Abbi Glines’ stories are getting hotter and hotter?

The book kicks off with a pretty hot prologue that literally surprises the peas out of me. Whew. I know her stories really have that tendency to get smexy but the Prologue really caught me off guard. Haha. Plus the thing just continues along the book.

Reading Just for Now honestly makes me feel nostalgic. The story makes me see the other characters again. It's really nice seeing them all together once again, their stories came back to me as they’re mentioned here. Honestly, I miss them all. Sadie and Jax are still strong as ever. Cage and Eva are also there and with Cage being Cage its fun to also see them. Oh, Marcus and Willow are now getting married here, Yay! I never really thought that too much already happened with this series yet I’m still not ready for it to end.

Now, off to this particular installment on the series. Just for Now is the story about Marcus’ little sister Amanda and his best friend Preston. Honestly, I never did get to see the thing about this two on the first installments of this series but on While It Lasts, the author made clear that there’s just something between these two. I find their story intriguing for the fact that It was another good-girl-falls-to-bad-boy type of the story and I really do want to see how Marcus would react to this. I don’t want complications but I just want to see how people would react with the relationship of this two. They’re two different personalities but somehow they find something that draws them to each other.

Preston uhm how could I even describe him? He greatly reminds me of Cage York because of their ways with girls but the difference between them is that Preston does it because he has mouths to feed. He has 3 siblings that needs his support because their mother a no good alcoholic. I salute him for his bravery, courage, being caring, and responsible to his siblings. Of course there are times that he really annoys me because he's acting up as a jerk and when he tries to hide his feelings but I get to think that he's a guy after all and with his situation its pretty much hard to open up and act up a s good guy when the people around him are used to his not so good ways. His friends think he's doing bad stuffs for his own good, but none of them know his true story. He could say the sweetest things but he could also say some of the meanest things.

Amanda evolved greatly. I'm used to thinking that she's just Marcus' sweet little sister who seems to know nothing about things, but here she matured greatly. She's grown to be a beautiful lady but still got the hots for her brother’s best friend. Despite that I still like her sweet, wonderful and caring attitude. I admire her loyalty to Preston. Even though he's not aware of what she's feeling for him, I admire her strength to live up to what she feels for him. She's pretty brave! I feel her sorrow after she realizes that Preston might really not like her and she's just another quick fix but I also felt her utter happiness when Preston told her he love her.

Their story wasn’t that unusual for me being the little-sister-falling-for-her-brother’s-best fried but I still like it. I liked that Amanda finds Preston’s redeeming qualities even though its buried deep down and Preston learn how to value the people that love him and accept the love they’re giving to him.

Things wrapped up nicely except for a tidbit issue of Amanda's mother regarding her relationship with Preston. It ended a bit hanging for me on that part, so I hope that the next installment to this series that would be settled.

In all, Just for now was another great hit from Abbi Glines. It really was a great addition to the series and as what I stated at the beginning of this review, Abbi Glines’ stories are getting hotter and hotter and sexier and sexier.