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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Unmaking Hunter Kennedy - Anne Eliot This is the first Anna Elliot book and I read it because of its attention seeking title. It was plainly unique and it easily caught my attention so bam! I grabbed it.

The Unmaking.
Being Dustin Inside and Out.
The Undoing.
The Owning Up.

The Unmaking of Hunter Kennedy was one sweet, easy read YA story - but a story with a depth. The topics of Suicide and depression were greatly included in the story and the good thing was that it was a given a good end to it. It gives us lessons regarding those said topics.

Is it just me or the name of the main character Vere Roth reminds of the author Veronica Roth? Hmm. Anyhow, Gwinevere 'Vere' Roth was one entertaining character to read. She’s a typical teenage girl who’s romantic at heart yet very shy to act out her feelings. (Especially to her long time crush Curtis! ;)) Vere was fragile; the kind of person that you could hurt forever, not because she hold a grudge towards it but she doesn’t have enough guts to let things pass up easily. She’s very committed to things she loves and does. Top it all of with her witty attitude and awesome internal monologues.

Hunter Kennedy was one lonely complicated person. He’s a famous teenage rock star who’s currently going through a lot. After what happened with him and his mother and his so called suicide attempt things began to get out of hand for him. But behind all those chitchats abut what truly happened he's just a simple guy who cares about his own life. He didn’t mean to take his life it by cutting himself. He just wanted his mom to hear him and see him and know how he truly felt. Despite his whole personality he’s just broken inside.

Jenna, Vere's best friend was super awesome! I really really really love her character. OMG. If Vere's snide remarks make me laugh from time to time Jenna just doesn’t seem to fail making me laugh every single time she's on the scene. I really love her. She's a very good and trustworthy friend. Oh and her encounter with Vere's brother Charlie was one of the funniest. lol.

The story progression was really great. The first parts really got me interested so I continue reading it. It was really nice seeing them fall in love with each other. I’s a bit torn on its ending though. I love it because it ended on a happy note but the down side to this is that I cant really see it happening for real or anywhere near it and I’m craving to know what happened after the spectacle Hunter did at the end. An epilogue would’ve been good or maybe there’s another book coming eh? Anyhoo, the story was also full of internal monologues from both Hunter and Vere; As a matter of fact, I love their internal monologues more than their interactions itself. They’re both very funny and adorkable. :)

Overall, it was a good story that makes me smile and laugh and get swoony inside. Very heartwarming one so please do check it out. 

PS. The kissing advice? Holy Peas! One of the best first kiss scence I’ve read. Pretty sweet. Yay! ;)