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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Losing It - Cora Carmack
'Just like with theatre—life sometimes has perfect moments when the stars all align, and you’re exactly where you want to be with great people, doing exactly what you want to do.'

I honestly can't believe I read this book because of the intriguing cover. I'm really not aware of this book until I stumble upon it on Goodreads and the cover immediately caught my attention and whoever's attention doesn’t get caught with the cover of this book what’s wrong with you? Loljk.. The cover was pretty intimate and shows two beautiful people getting lost in a certain moment. I was honestly surprised to see that the rating for this book has been high at around 4 point something and the raves and reviews I’ve read about it makes me want to read it more so I immediately grab a copy of it.

Graduating from college with your V- car still intact is starting to feel lame for Bliss Edwards. She’s 22 and near at finishing her college degree but her V-Card is still there so she decided to go out and just lose it with a guy whom she can have a one night stand. She's not saving herself for marriage; it’s just something that hasn't happened. But getting rid of the V-card isn't that simple when she suddenly freaks out and leaves her guy alone and naked to his birthday suit on her bed.

But things get more funny and embarrassing and awkward when she arrives at school and recognizes her new theater professor as the guy whom she left alone and naked in her bed hours earlier.

Captivating and Charming. Losing it leaves me smiling from beginning to end. Talking about Virginity and sex was pretty awkward for me, but that doesn't stop me from reading this. I've read certain books that talk about the same topic as this one and they're much more extreme at some point so reading this book has been much easier; it was really not something I was expecting honestly. What I was expecting? I was expecting to read a story full of those scenes or any other sexy scenes and just that; but instead what I get is a story full of thoughtfulness, love, passion and theater things.

Bliss Edwards, what a pretty and fit name for the character. She's over analytic and over think things every single time and that’s what hinders her in doing outrageous things. She's the kind of character that girls could easily relate to because her actions; her works and everything she does is very average type and surely all girls encountered and feel at some time of their life. Her awkwardness carries it all out because I just love awkward people. lol. She's naive but not stupid. She’s fully aware what she wants and what she needs.

Then there's Garrick Taylor. British. Hot. Wow. He's just swoon-worth and very much different to other English character guys I've encountered in reading. Despite his potent physical perfectness, he's also intelligent and very much understanding. He's a good advisor and cares for Bliss infinitely. He's willing to wait for her and I loved and respect him for that.

The attraction with these two is sparkling. I easily feel it on their first encounter. The way that they just couldn't stay away from each other even though they both know that this attraction is extremely wrong makes me swoon most of the time. I know it sounded cliched but Bliss and Garrick makes me love it.

The thing I find kinda out of place was the climactic point of Bliss and Garrick’s relationship. It happened in a snap of a finger. I felt that it came too soon because I was really rooting for something deeper to come from their relationship. The pivotal moment just happened to fast and even the make-up part also happened fast (but their making up part was pretty sweet). Despite that, I still liked it. It might happen too fast for me but it fist the story so yea.

Losing it was enjoyable to read. It was full of humor, seriousness and tad of awkwardness. I don’t know what’s with this story that really captivated me and what's with it that makes me love it. It may be because of Bliss' awkward internal monologues or Garrick's hotness or just the sweetness of it or those thoughtful moments in between. Butterflies would surely invade your stomach after reading it and there's a happy ever after waiting for us at the end. ;)