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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally Stealing Parker is the follow up to the author's novel Catching Jordan. I'm really looking forward on this book for quite awhile now and reading this turned out to be a different experience as to Catching Jordan. The book Cover is just so cute which triggers my want to read it more!! It is also sports theme read however, here in Stealing Parker the story focuses more on its characters.

Parker has the perfect little life and on her way to becoming the school valedictorian and she's also made the all-star softball team and has plenty of friends. She's a good Christian girl with a squeaky clean reputation until her mother comes out to be a lesbian and runs away from their church and their life.

But then, she can't run away from the ball entirely. Her best friend Drew ask her to be their team manager which she accepted ungratefully but ungrateful things can turn out to be a grateful one because it lead her right up to the path of the new assistant coach Brian and sparks flew instantly. But there are complications and there just might be someone else who is intent on stealing Parker's heart...

In all honesty, I'm really not a sports person and I'm really not interested on that specific genre but reading Miranda Kenneally's books which combines sports and sweet YA-Romance story it makes people like me who loathe sports wants to read it.

The set of characters presented on the story kind of blows my mind off in a positive way because I think this is the first time I get to really like all the people involved on the story. I mean every single one of them. The characters are all so dynamic and multi-dimensional. Each one of them has their own story. Plus seeing Jordan and Henry makes me feel nostalgic so after reading this I sneak a glance once again at Catching Jordan. lol.

Parker is the typical and average teenager who is self-conscious and questions a lot of things in her life. She's concerned with what everyone thinks about her. So when her mom explodes the scandal bomb, Parker lose weight, stops playing football and starts making out with every single boy available (or not even available) just to prove that she's not going to turn out like her mom.

Brian Hoffman is the 23 year old baseball coach whom Parker starts a secret relationship into. He was supposed to be a baseball player at college but wasn’t good enough for it.

The relationship between Brian and Parker seems to be doomed from the start since student-teacher relationship is surely prohibited especially Parker is still underage, I can’t help but to root for them from the start. Brian is what Parker needed at least at the beginning of the story.

Drew, Parker's best friend is also very lovable. His protectiveness and love for Parker was pretty much undeniable and makes me want to have someone like him on my life. He's there with her every step of the way. But he has his own struggle what is pretty much hard for him to come clean about with Parker for the fear of being not accepted and such.

Then there's Will aka Corndog. He's Parker’s arch-enemy for the Valedictorian Place. He's intelligent and handsome and gentleman and a good team player and the captain of the baseball team.

There's this complicated love story within this story and this is really that first time that I've been rooting for every single one of them that was involved. The idea of Brian and Parker together really hit me from the beginning but I don’t know what happened but it went away faster than a speeding bullet, while Will didn't hit me right at first because I was blinded by Brian but then I really got into him as the story progress. I also root for Drew which turns out very much differently from what I expected. ;)

Religion also plays an important role on this story. Reading Parker's prayers are relaxing. It gives me an insight on her inner self. Her habit of writing prayers and burning them down seem pretty effective.

Stealing Parker gives us an exploration to the difference between lust, love and relationships. The romance, friendship and even the sports will definitely make you want to read more. Miranda Kenneally, I can't wait for more of your novels! :)