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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Chasing McCree - J.C. Isabella As I was browsing through Goodreads the other night I stumble on this book and immediately marked it as one of my to read books and after awhile, while I was browsing Amazon, I once again stumble on this book and saw it on a lower price and immediately grab it. And I finished reading it over night so I guess things happened too fast for me and this book. lol.

Briar lived this perfect little princess life for so long. She has the money, friends and even the perfect boyfriend, until she has this sudden awakening and turns into this stranger boy who doesn’t live on her own world. Being a cheerleader and having it all, I easily assume Briar will annoy the peas out of me but she definitely prove me wrong and she really surprises me; she came as so down to earth, didn’t look down at people, she lives life to the fullest and really is a cute drunk chick. lol. Briar was also different from her friends and parents, she even stand up for Chase and don’t care what other might think about their friendship.

With her being almost perfect for me, it really is bothering that her parents pay little attention to her. I know they have the money and the fortune and all but being an only child and a girl, they should look after her more. Although she's already 17 even though not yet legal, she ran away with a boy and what kind of parents would tolerate such act? I know, they come and get her in the end, but why wait? If I was one of her parents, I would immediately go to her and ask for some explanation. Briar's parents were just so selfish and it really makes me sad that they weren’t that much involved on their daughter’s life.

Chase was really a great guy. His honesty in everything makes me realize that guys like him seem to be surreal. He's given her mother a chance to live in the city but Montana is really where his heart is. He's sweet, honest and considerate and did I say sweet? lol. I could pour in more praises for him but I would just be repeating things I have said. He helped Briar be true to herself. He shows Briar the love he thinks she deserves.

Every moment Chase and Briar spent in Montana was my favorite. Seeing them blossoming into adults and their love growing bigger each moment they’re together was really sweet to read. The relationship they have was genuinely cute.

Cute love story aside, Chasing McCree also has its depth. There’s lot going on with Chase’s life. As the story goes, you would get to know more of it and I can't really tell it all for the reason of spoiling them but one thing is for sure, you would love him and Briar more. The big drama and mystery that keeps happening and the secrets that Chase has that unfolds as the story goes would be enough to keep holding you to your seats.

A little down part to this that some of its parts seems to be rushed and does not completely developed. There are things that are talked about or brought up once but there's no lead up to it.

This story has an epilogue!! And I'm honestly a big fan of epilogues. I always have this strong urge to know what would happen later on the story since I'm really a big sucker for happy endings. The epilogue of this book was one of my favorites. It’s really hard not to spoil it but if you really wan to spoil yourself here it is:
'Years later Briar and I sit on the porch every night after dinner with the dogs, and then a few years after that with our kids. We watch the sun sink into the horizon behind the white-capped mountains, telling stories and reminiscing about the day I picked her up in a Florida park, drunk and crabby, and how that night, she stole my heart forever.'

Chasing McCree was a pretty sweet story. Great Ending!!