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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Significance (Significance, #1) - Shelly Crane Imprinting / Imprint - To impart a strong or vivid impression.

The first time I encountered the term imprinting was way back when I was reading the Twilight Series and since then I've been fascinated by it. I mean the idea of instantly having that significant other that all people wanted with just a glance or in this case a touch was pretty fascinating. In all honesty, I'm really not aware of this series until I saw the latest installment to this series Independence and reading its blurb makes me want to read the whole series. Since the term imprinting was repeatedly mentioned on the blurb of every book, it really interests me thinking if this was like a Twilight-YA wannabe read and thank God I got that part wrong because its really far from the Twilight world (though there’s this weird powers and imprinting stuff), this book stands on its own epic plot.

Maggie is like a lost-soul who just got out of high-school and nothing seems to makes sense to her with being a teenager with a non-existing family and no clear direction for her life and future. I was really pulled with the emotions she feels from the uncertainty to complete happiness.

Caleb, on the other hand is the guy who needs to follow the rules of his family, despite wanting to rule his own life. His character was pretty much mature for me and it really did compliment well with Maggie. He is indeed one great character lead for me because of his strong suit and being able to stand with his girl and being understanding all the time and literally all the time because despite the dilemma and fear that Maggie feels from time to time, he is always there to see that she would be fine and handle things greatly.

I could say that the relationship between these two really starts with a bang and also ends with a bang! They're both very wonderful characters and the chemistry between them really makes me smile throughout reading it and I lost count of the times I utter the word 'awwww'.

But this book is not just all about the sweet and swooning scenes between Caleb and Maggie, the good thing about this is that the plot builds great for me. I was really glued to it with all its twists and turns. The things that happened here leave me no questions at all since everything seems to be answered.

Surprisingly, this book Significance really surprises me; from its wonderful set of characters, family drama, magic and villains it really leaves me wanting for more. Plus, it gives me a broader knowledge on the imprinting part and it fascinated me more. I just can’t help but compare it with ones presented on the Twilight series, but I could say that the imprinting thing here was way better and much more swoon worthy and fascinating.

Form the beginning Significance had me wrapped up into the story tightly. It might not be the most original and the best written book I've ever read but everything about this is just wickedly engaging and irresistible. I'm very much looking forward for the next books on this series. :)

PS. Actually I already finished reading the second book Accordance as I was writing this review. And I'm going on with the third book Defiance.
(a little too hooked up and excited eh?)