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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Loving Summer - Kailin Gow Loving summer is my second book by Kailin Gow. I’ve read Saving You, Saving me (though it greatly resembles the plot of Fifty Shades), and it was okay but doesn’t really met up what I was expecting and once again this one, Loving Summer doesn’t live up to my expectations. The blurb seems to have loads of potential within it but nothing lives up to me.

Summer, the main protagonist, is beautiful and athletic and seems to be very perfect but I didn’t really see anything much to her that would get her to be the source of angst and desire for 3 different boys. She must definitely have certain things for she’s not only in a love triangle but more like a love square or any four-sided love affair thing which I find really funny. I didn't say that she doesn’t have nice qualities because she does have a lot of them. She's very admirable and her loyalty and love for her aunt surpasses all of her not so good qualities.

I liked Nathan at first. He's the type of guy who is very aloof but very enigmatic at the same time. I liked him because Summer liked him and since I’m a sucker for happy ending I'm looking forward in seeing them together but very much disappointed to see it doesn’t work that way with them. As the story goes, my likeness for him also evaporates but comes back again when I see him stand for his family as a certain tragedy hits them but evaporates again when he acts like a jerk once again.

Then there’s Drew, which I really didn’t like at all and who's character I begin to question from the start. I keep wondering why a guy who seems to sleep with every girl within a ten mile radius would suddenly fall-in-love and man up for a girl whom he doesn’t see for 3 years and who doesn’t even makes cute little face on him and even treats him like a brother? I just don’t get a point there. I encounter characters like Drew but it seems that everything comes so fast for him. His changes are pretty drastic and very much unbelievable I should say.

The story seems very superficial and leaves me to question a lot of things. But I guess what really bothered me are its characters which I frankly didn’t like at all. I may like one of them from a time but it all easily went away as I continue reading it. I can handle love triangles but a four-sided one seems too much for me now. haha.

Though I have a lot of not so good things to say about this it also have a few redeeming qualities like The concept of the story which was Summer love was good and the plot line seems to be different from other Summer love book concepts. The mix of friendship, love and loss and family was also pretty good.

For me, it was nice reading it since I really wanted to see what’s within it, but disappointingly it didn’t work out well for me. I'm still looking forward for its next book for I wanted to see if these set of characters will finally work their magic on me. :)