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While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3) - Abbi Glines And the bad boy falls hard...

I've just read the first two books of the Breathe Series a few weeks ago and I really find it funny and lucky for me to find out that the third book just came out thinking at least it save me the anticipation to wait for the book. hah!

First things first, the prologue makes me cry. I know, I know how emotional I get with such things but since reading Dear John while I'm still on Junior High I've been a sucker for army/soldier guys and thinking their relationships with their significant others never really have its happy endings makes me cry more or any other time I read anything about them. Anyhow, back to this book…

The story was told on alternating POV. But here I get to see more of Cage. In his POV things may seem very different; I saw that despite his outer persona there’s this different person living within him. On Eva’s POV things are quite different, Most of the time she’s just ogling with Cage (which is really funny!).

While It Lasts features the story of Cage York whom we meet at the second book Because of Low. Now, I'm really not a fan of Cage there; in fact I find him eerily annoying and up to no good their but a part of me also thinks that guys like him will soon find its match and I really got it right upon seeing that the third book was really about him. Cage was still the player. But here we get to see the other side of him - the side that makes him wants to redeem his self in order for him to get the scholarship that he wanted and still be a part of their team. He may seem the sturdy, alpha, strong and very manly yet he has this vulnerable side of him that makes you want to hug him. I can't help but swoon and melt in whatever he says or do. I begin to see the real him here. I begin to see that he is one of those people who are truly honest with their self and he knows who he really is and not even sorry for who is. There’s just this one nagging thought I cant get out of my mind, I just can’t seem to know the reason behind why does he wants to sleep like with all the girls all the time? Is it just for the fun of it? It’s just that one question that I never really did get an answer here. But hey, I begin to love Cage her despite of that.

Eva is pretty adorable. She's naive and feisty and confident and very kind. My heart really did break for what have happened to her - losing the love of your life at a very young age. She lets herself build a wall around herself because of the loss that she has suffered and not allowed anyone to enter it. It really did break my heart knowing that she still wears that engagement ring that Josh gave her. But as the story goes, its nice seeing her open up inch by inch and letting the world enter up her own little one.

The connection between these two was pretty intense. I never really thought it would be like that. It was strong and very passionate. Their relationship was very much believable counting in hand the circumstances they've both been through. The ending was pretty sweet enough for me and that's enough.

While it lasts was another nice read from Abbi Glines, It was full of love, passion, swoon worthy moments and a very hot guy who finally falls hard. ;)