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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols Just reading the book itself gives me such a rush.

Another awesome novel from Jennifer Echols and at this early part of my review I could already say that that this is my most favorite and I consider it the best from her so far. It gives me a really nice ride throughout the story. Different feelings have evoked within me while reading this and the smile it gave me at the end really does it all.

The title of the book definitely speaks for itself. Everything about this book is such a rush. The story, the characters, the setting and even the lovely and beholding book cover itself represents a certain rush. Its not always a title of the book speaks for itself and luckily this books is one of those.

Leah grows up living near the airports and so she became intrigued by the planes, so when they move to Heaven Beach, she gets a job on the airport and there she meets Mr. Hall. He saw a dedication to Leah and agrees to teach her flying lessons. Mr. Hall is one of those characters that greatly help Leah. He became a wall and a great father figure to her. Even he has his own family broken, he still showed his children and even Leah that he cares and he loves them.

Leah is one admirable character. Though not plenty of people can relate to Leah's life experiences, many can relate to her emotional hardships and experiences. Her character development throughout the story is very concise that you would consider this or her as a real person in the world and that she really wrote this certain story of hers and everything really happens to her. She is a very real and authentic character who has a distinct voice throughout the story. It was really nice watching her develop and see her adventures not only in terms of her own self discovery but also on her romance side.

Grayson and Alex both show great development as the story progress. They both matured and learn to live the real life when their father dies but the changes are gradual and that’s definitely a good thing about it.

The romance on the story was the thing that really bothered me before reading this. I honestly don’t like love-triangles and relationship complications on a story and as to what the synopsis of the story provided I thoroughly thought that there would be an extreme fight between the brothers on this but I was really happy I get that one wrong. There are different reasons on how Grayson or Alex get involved with Leah, but yea I was really rooting for Grayson from the start. >:)

Oh and let's not forget the airplanes presented here!! As a Tourism Student, this book gives me a glimpse on a simple airport life. An airport that is not congested by typical travelers and I think I prefer to visit airports like that. Another is that after and on the process of reading it, it seems like the book was slowly persuading me to also become a pilot. I mean, look at Leah she's just 14 when she started flying and up to the present she still makes it. How she describe the feeling when you're the one in charge of the aircraft and the feeling of relief and unexplainable rush when you’re up there definitely gives me a great shove to become a pilot. and I’ll just see what the future holds for me on that. lol

As I have said everything about this book would definitely give you a glimpse to many other different meaning of rush. Everything is so interesting. It was cleverly and flawlessly written. Every character and scenes are vividly alive and kicking on my own imagination. My my, this would definitely go to my favorites and to be read over and over again list. Hola! Jennifer Echols for another great novel. It really did give me such a rush!