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Ola! I'm one of those crazy girls who is overly addictive to books and reading. I'm weird around books and tends to read them abnormally fast. And I'm a hopeful romantic who is a firm believer of Happily Ever Afters.
Flirting in Italian - Lauren Henderson "Ci sono trenta modi per salvare il mondo, ma uno solo perche il mondo salvi me—che io voglia star con te, e tu voglia star con me."

Visiting in Italy is the way Violet chose to spend her summer vacation. But it’s not really her plan - not since she saw a portrait of a young Italian Girl from an 18th century painting on a museum that looks exactly just like her. The resemblance is so potent that it drives Violet insane and questions lingers on her mind, thinking that she always looked different from her parents and as she uncovers some information about the portrait, she wonders if she could be related to the family from the Castello di Vesperi. And now, Violet is determined to know the mystery behind the portrait that’s just the same spitting image of her and there is no other way to know that than visit the castle itself - in Italy. Will Violet really uncover the truth about her past? Or an Italian Boy would get on her way?


Who wouldn’t want to travel to Italy? With its historic places, beautiful sceneries, palatable foods and hot Italian Boys who wouldn’t want that? Flirting in Italian is also one of my most anticipated release for this year and I was pretty much curious about it since he blurb of this book in Goodreads didn’t serve me any good since its too vague and brief and it got me wanting for more which lead me into much anticipation of it.

I would start with giving a great applause for the setting of this book! God, it’s just beautiful and rich and very vivid, it makes me feel like I'm really there. The author did a great job describing things, from the warm breeze that envelopes the place, to the lush trees that grows there up to the vespa riding Italian boys.

This book also presented a lot of Italian monologue between the Italian characters itself. As the girls who are studying are learning this, it feels like I'm also learning the language itself while reading this. I really enjoy deciphering the long Italian phrases that they threw at each other and it’s a good thing that Google Translate comes very handy during this. haha. (Plus, you would also learn a lot of informal Italian words and even curse words. ;))

Violet is joined by another 3 girls on the story. Violet and Kelly are both British but they came from two different backgrounds and they're joined by two American Girls Paige and Kendra. All of them are strangers to each other, but its nice seeing them build a certain friendship as they spend more time with each other. They’re all different in their own way and the mix of the personalities of these 4 girls is fun to know and read.

Violet and Luca's romance was uhm nice. The romance between them was captured nicely though I'm kind of shocked on how things easily go on with them like an instant love affair. But one thing I find funny is Violet’s internal monologue whether Luca likes her or not. They both have an undeniable chemistry and it’s really fun to see. At times, I find myself turning to other pages looking for the next Luca and Violet’s moment.

At the beginning, the book centered on Violet's search for any connection between her and the portrait and it really got me hooked up with it since I was also curious as to what is her relation to the girl on the portrait too. But when Luca comes out of the picture, the story itself kind of lost its track. Violet got caught up with Luca and the whole point of going there to investigate just vanished. Honestly, at the last two chapters of it, I got really distracted because I was thinking how this book would end and I literally spoiled myself and check it out again on Goodreads and there I found out that this one has its sequel which at least gives me a little relief about it. I was really feeling bad about it at some point near the end, thinking that the end would not really solve the mystery but at least it’s good to know that this is just the first book in this series.

It was a great read about romance, friendship, family and exploring new things. Though the book ended without resolving anything and just created more questions its still good. It makes me want to visit Italy more. I do hope that on its sequel, it would explore more on Violet's connection to the girl on the portrait. I'm really looking forward for its sequel and more of Luca and Violet and more of that Italian language banter and more of places to see and learn. I can't really wait to get to the bottom of things. And Gaa! I'm stoked. :)